Ricers are idiots who do up japanese econoboxes in an attempt to make them look and sound fast. They can be seen blasting around the streets in first and second gear mostly because they love everyone to look at them redlining their car (hopefully a young high school girl will see him and think he looks gangsta).

This does not mean people who drive hondas and leave them stock are ricers, and people who have actual fast japanese cars are also ricers but not in the rediculous sense that true rice is.
that ricer seems to have a highly polished tin can on the end of the exhaust system for some reason...
by eat rice August 03, 2003
Someone who owns a 90HP import with stickers for parts that arent installed and have lame body kits with StreetGlow and Muffler Whistles to make up for not having a turbo. Most own both copies of NFS:Underground, and love watching Fast and the Furious movies.
John: You hear that Jim?
Jim: Yea whats that annoying sound?
John: Thats Ricky Ricer in his '88 Honda Accord
Ricky: You hommies wanna watch Fast and the Furious on my used 7" TFT Head Unit?
by Joshua Sloat June 11, 2006
Car which has exhaust modifications to make it sound like a fart-fog horn but still has 115 HP and goes 0-60 in 13.2 seconds.
Breeeeeeee. There goes that Integra ricer.
by pony trekker December 17, 2003
Someone who does up their 4-cyl. car with colour-wheel coded paintjobs (to be tough) and front and rear and maybe middle spoilers in case the wind catches the car, as well as lights in various places for the purpose of atrracting coral spawn.
"I hope your mum insured that thing for you"
by Chris November 10, 2003
Rice stands for "Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements".

A ricer is someone who owns a car, usually with about 120hp, but thinks a body kit, rims, airplane wing, fart can, stickers, decals, ect will make the car fast because it will look fast. Ricers believe that adding tacky body mods will somehow get them pussy and give them 400hp to the wheels. Ricers are usually stuck-up white kids who fall for marketing schemes from magazines and "import performance" websites, mezmorized by the pictures of bodykits and big fart cans, and believing the "dyno proven 100hp gains" written in the product descriptions.
Ricer buys 120hp Civic because hes broke.

Ricer watches Fast and the Furious and wants 500hp to the wheels and some pussy.

Ricer buys an import magazine and sees a body kit that gains him 200hp "dyno proven".

Ricer buys the body kit but hes too lazy to paint it the color of his Civic, but he puts it on anyway.

Ricer revs his fart can at girls and they laugh.

Ricer trys to race a 350Z and loses the $500 bet because he did the "math" and thought he had 537hp and would win, i guess not.

Ricer hangs himself because he fails at life.
by psykadabra October 16, 2009
A Ricer:
A ricer is the person who drives a stock car, with extras that if anything slow the car down and make it less aerodynamic. (body kit, spoilers you name it) Yet it looks 'Sick/phat' - So its cool!!! - buts its slow.

How to identify a ricer driver: The typical driver of a riced up car, can be identified by the secondary monster tacho mounted where everyone can see it.

This is because the dick hanging from their forehead interferes with the perfectly good, stock tacho mounted conveiently in the dash cluter. And for those who dont know; the shift light is because they cant use their periferal vision.

They are incapable of reading the tacho and looking where they are going at once. They need a warning light (shift light) to tell them, their stock lancer engine, is about to explode and its time to change gears. Thank god for the monster tacho!

I think that sums it up...
by Ibsn87 November 06, 2005
The owner of a weedeater that has a car body on it...
I hate rice... Buy real power
by Ryan February 14, 2004
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