Christian Carrier
Shane said Christian was a "ricer."
by Zach Smith April 21, 2004
It is like Tom Wopat
In my daydream, I married Tom Wopat
by T Dog Jenkins June 11, 2004
Any 4 Cylinder Sedan or coupe not ment for racing but made to "look" Fast, Anything In the Fast and Furious Series Excluding The Domestic Vehicles. Some cars come from the factory already a ricer, two examples are the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and the Subaru WRX STI, Both Have Large Wings, oversized wheels 17inch, and small 4 cylinder engines. both are Slow and underpowered ment for being fuel efficent.
Ohh man, my little brothers motorscooter can beat that Ricer.
by No Ricers November 26, 2006
Ricer is a car or and azn man most commonly refferd to cars bc of all the shit they put on it.and also bc you dont want many an azn man wanting to beat u up bc u called him a rice picker XD
Look at that rice rocket go!

Hey rice picker!
by TweAk April 10, 2005
LivE Fast DIE young, to live on the edge, take inhuman risks,no remorse what so ever, born racer..........
An exAmp of A rIcer is a person who lives each and every day living on the most absolute edge.....
by vIcK February 15, 2005
Ricer: ra-ice-cer derived from the English slang term "Rice Burner" Noun, any foreign car or motorcycle of Asian design or manufacture utilizing the factory equiped drivetrain, not intended for speed or performance, yet attempting to imitate the look and design of a performance car built for racing or competition.

Lately many people who own ricers try to change the meaning of what is considered "Rice"

A good rule of thumb to determine if your car is a Ricer, is if you have ever bought a performance part for a vehicle making less than 300 hp, and if the vehicle is of asian design or manufacture. If so, then it most certainly is and will be classified by many as a Ricer.
Ricer : A Honda Mazda Acura Mitsubishi Toyota Suzuki subaru etc. driven in any manner that is not for economical, or purely transportation purposes.
by nasty427 August 13, 2015
1. A fag who knows nothing about tuning a car.

2. Usually a teenager that spends money on body modifications on a car other than engine modifications to make the car actually go faster.
Hey, Jhon! That car over there looks so riced! I bet a ricer drives it!
by VtecThis July 03, 2015

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