A person who wasts thousands of dollars trying to make a Civic run 12 seconds at the 1/4mile. But can buy a real car (300zx Twin turbo,Corvette ZO6,Porsche 911 Carrera coupe)
Damn,that ricer is stupedly gay with his Honda CRX Del Sol Si
by Nick the Prick May 25, 2003
Any modifications done to any vehcile.
Anything that is not OEM to your vehicle.
All modifications are riceand detract from your vehicles beauty.
Oh I see you got clear lenses. You are a fucking ricer piece of shit. Your vehicle came from the factory the way it is supposed to be leave it alone you dumbfuck.
by Robert Seifering June 10, 2008
a person who is overobsessive with a car which is normally an import and doestn deserve such obsession, a person who washes their car multiple times in one week
------> collin atkins <------
by jimbo November 14, 2004
The best group currently racing cars.
Let us all unite! ...this is so I have 20 letters in my example so I can post it...123.........
by Ray, I drive a Celica GTS May 04, 2005
person who drives a rice rocket. usually an AzN person, but NOT a poseur white boy who picked up his style and mods from "fast and furious".
"yall wanna f*ck wit us, cuz all across the lanes we burn it up, drop a couple inches, baby low enough? smokin while we bumpin, turn it up"
by PoWeReD bY RiCe June 25, 2003
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