Person who cruises up and down the streets in overhauled, over painted cheapass american cars that have been fitted with Coffee can mufflers to look like a Jap car. This person says that they hate "Fast and the Furious" but everyone else knows that that movie is the only reason that they bought that car.
"Dude, look at that f***ing ricer."

"RIIIICERR!!!" ( Scream this at them as they drive by )
by John Lansford July 23, 2003
ok retards with the v-8s. ricer is a term used wen ur gas sucking v8s get smoked by our little jdm imports pulling 30 mpg at 400+ whp hmmm maybe we have to boost it or spray it but wat u gota do get half the gas mileage twice the weight and now throw ur aluminum race heads that are $800+ for one. they went to fuel injection for a reason u wana talk shit go to youtube and watch R@mon's 240sx smoke like 4 mustangs 3 vettes. jealousy is a bad thing buy a tuner to fix this problem
civic with a can and a wing is the deffinition of ricer wat can u call 90% of the piece of shit v8 domestics with a glass pack besides a piece of shit?
by silvia_steve240sxBOOSTIN!!!!! February 08, 2010
a person of any race that drives an import car and in some cases srt-4's and some american cars. They usually drive japanees imports that are made for fuel economy like hondas, integras, rsx,eclipse and so on. Most ricers think that their hondas are the fastest car even in tracks. Most are in denyal that they are ricers and tey call themselfs tuners. In seviere cases the ricer has a Honda and a respecable car like a SupraTT yet he is always talking about His Civic with vtech instead, and they are so ignorant to reaize that all cars now a days have valve timing systems. This is when you know there is a sever case of ricer denyal. Maily all ricers have older Civics or integras but new gerneation Civic Si have been a rebirth to ricy behavior
Hey i have a 94 Supra twin turbo but i think i will take my 07 Civic si to the track instead because its so fast and looks great with tinted windows, rims and lowered with coilovers.But when someone with a car faster than my civic(most REAL sport cars) comes to race me or chalange me ill resort to my supra to back me up. ---- thats the ricer ways
by 2JZClub April 12, 2009
A slang term used to describe someone who owns or drives a "rice rocket". ("Rice rocket" is a term to describe cars made from asian countries) The term "rice rocket" has been around far longer than the recent fad of "import tuning". The term has been closely associated with "tuned" rice rockets, not stock asian import vehicles. (people who drive stock imports are generally not talked about)
anyone who drives a "tuned" (asian) import vehicle. These people can be commonly found at places like "Pep Boys" or at "Kragen" auto centers. They are usually in aisle 7 shopping for flashy crap to (poorly) accessorize their car.
by Brendon January 12, 2005
What you find a LOT of in a Military base.

Our soldiers may win in combat but lose in street racing as much as the Iraqi Insurgents do when they're in combat.
See Ricerland.

Everywhere you look in a Military base, you see Ricers.
by Java October 16, 2004
One who soups up japanese cars for no real performance gain. Refer to term GeeWhzz.
That GeeWhzz is such a ricer
by Desperad0 July 22, 2003
noun, any person who adds downforce to the rear end of a front wheel drive car in order to achive quicker acceleration
My civic had slow bumpers so i added a body kit and wing and now it hits much harder from the rollon
by rexracer November 23, 2002

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