1. A kind of car that has nothing but comsmetic modifications. Most are Japanese cars, but some range from domestic to German cars. Most commonly Honda Civics and Mitsubishi Eclipses.

2. A person who buys a domestic or import car and adds nothing but cosmetic parts. Most commonly white, male, and from the surburbs.
by Blahb March 13, 2005
a car that cst $5000 to by brand nw but cost almost $100,000 to make it even close to running 10 seconds
hey look that ricer got fucked p oh at least mine wont cost as much to fix
by bob the builder May 12, 2003
A portable device for cooking rice.
Ricers as cars?
by Flamer April 04, 2003
A person who is involved in the sport import compact scene. See rice boy.
A wing, muffler and wheels... The typical car of a typical ricer.
by jt November 21, 2002
A piece of shit that looks like a pimp mobile.
American muscle could kick a ricer's ass anyday.
by Drakor October 09, 2004
A car, probably an old Honda Civic/Accord or Corlla that has less horsepower than stickers and has a wing that could be used as just that..And just for the record, it is referring to import cars, hence the name -rice-r.
Did you see that ricer breakdown in the 1/4 mile?
by Masonic Atheist October 08, 2004
a jack-off mobile usually a honda that is easily confused for a SHOPPING CART at your local grocery store. usually driven by: yes, you guessed it boys and girls : JACK OFFS
vrrooom vrrrrorooom *guy in civic* maybe if i jacked off faster, this piece of s#$t will run a 10 second 1/4 mile.
by k&y September 18, 2003

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