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A car, probably an old Honda Civic/Accord or Corlla that has less horsepower than stickers and has a wing that could be used as just that..And just for the record, it is referring to import cars, hence the name -rice-r.
Did you see that ricer breakdown in the 1/4 mile?
by Masonic Atheist October 08, 2004
a car that cst $5000 to by brand nw but cost almost $100,000 to make it even close to running 10 seconds
hey look that ricer got fucked p oh at least mine wont cost as much to fix
by bob the builder May 12, 2003
A portable device for cooking rice.
Ricers as cars?
by Flamer April 04, 2003
A person who is involved in the sport import compact scene. See rice boy.
A wing, muffler and wheels... The typical car of a typical ricer.
by jt November 21, 2002
A piece of shit that looks like a pimp mobile.
American muscle could kick a ricer's ass anyday.
by Drakor October 09, 2004
a jack-off mobile usually a honda that is easily confused for a SHOPPING CART at your local grocery store. usually driven by: yes, you guessed it boys and girls : JACK OFFS
vrrooom vrrrrorooom *guy in civic* maybe if i jacked off faster, this piece of s#$t will run a 10 second 1/4 mile.
by k&y September 18, 2003
Person who cruises up and down the streets in overhauled, over painted cheapass american cars that have been fitted with Coffee can mufflers to look like a Jap car. This person says that they hate "Fast and the Furious" but everyone else knows that that movie is the only reason that they bought that car.
"Dude, look at that f***ing ricer."

"RIIIICERR!!!" ( Scream this at them as they drive by )
by John Lansford July 23, 2003