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Most of the pictures that are situated alongside this word.

A POORLY modified car that the driver tries to make seem cooler, and making a asshole of himself at the same time.

Not always some-one who modifies exported cars, theres nothing wrong with that...and who-ever says it is usually is gelous they drive around in shitty salons. Standing out is not a crime, but in cars like those in the is...
haha, Look at that f***ing ricer! What a shit car!
by James Foxhall February 28, 2005
8 4
Any vehicle be it 4,6, or 8 cylinder with excessive amounts of useless objects on their car.
1. Spoiler on a FWD for drag puposes (ok if it is for road racing, contrary to what most believe, because it does help the back end of the car from loosing grip in hard cornering)
2. Stickers such as Powered by... or VTEC when it doesnt have it etc...(Again on a show vehicle stickers are ok because they must in order to keep sponsorship)
3.Mufflers = ricer, no horsepower added just noise
Exhaust = Racer, added horsepower
4. LEsson: Ricer's are not just honda's and acura's so dont trash them it makes people look ignorant when there are dozens of Imports that have been modified correctly and have power upwards of 500hp, and if you truly are a car person you know that thats good for any vehicle

by the truth December 08, 2003
14 10
ANYONE who adds stickers/clear tail-lights, euro windshield wiper, paints their euro windshield wiper, adds a fart pipe, adds 2 fart pipes to a non dual exhaust (see del sol), one who thinks his 4 cylinder rice bucket can beat an 8 or 10 cylinder (see camaro, viper) one who pays $5000 for their car new then adds $50,000 in modifications to their car when they could have just bought a real car with power (see viper, corvette). anyone with a honda who thinks their car is even remotely fast at anything period.
dude this guy tried to race me, i laughed.. he didn't even have clear tail lights and he thought he could beat me!
by viper October 03, 2003
19 15
derived from "rice burner", which typically signified any japanese import vehicle.
has since been modified to signify any young male who takes said rice burner and modifies the exterior of the vehicle to include, but not be limited to: loud exhaust (slang: fart can), neon lights mounted under the car, strobe lights in the turn signal housings (but have been known to be mounted in other locations), body styling kits (which replace the original body pieces), large graphics, bumper stickers on the side of the car (typically of products that haven't been installed on the car), loud audio system which includes enough bass to shake bolts loose on the car (and make your eyeballs shake), a 3 or 4 foot universal wing mounted on the trunk lid of a front wheel drive car (used in racing for downforce on rear wheel drive cars).
look at that ricer in that nasty honduh.
by anonymous September 23, 2003
8 4
Before the kingdom of Seualo in acient Western Europe 650 AD The slang for Japanese field workers as meaning disrepect to their culture.
The Ricer over there is noting but a slave and a dog.
by Asin Smith June 22, 2003
13 9
Synonym for/contraction of Rice Rocket.
There is *one* advantage to living in SLO -- only rarely do I see a ricer.
by The Grammar Nazi May 29, 2002
12 8
Acronym for:

That kid asked his dad to buy the fastest automatic car on the market and he still managed to grind the gears somehow... ricer
by phantom twinturbo July 02, 2011
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