Adding plastic airplane spoilers and Wal Mart quality exhaust to an import or sometimes domestic automobile. It's common knowledge in the tuning world that clear tail lights, rice can exhaust, and "Ballin" rims can augment a cars horsepower by a minimum of 400%.
"Hey look there goes that riced up sweet he's redlining it at the red got a burnout there..."
"Dude if he'd only get a bigger spoiler, he'd demolish everyone."
"I love ricers..."
by orb49 October 21, 2007
The current definition of this term is anyone who thinks he/she's increasing the performance of his/her car but is actually uglifying it as well as reducing it performance.

Sometimes, this word is mistakenly used to refer to a tuner.
Example of a ricer: Owns a Honda Civic with a GTR badge on the gas tank cover, a big bodykit that actually increases drag and thus decreases performance, an exhaust that almost eliminates back-pressure and thus decreases performance, stickers everywhere, a really tall spoiler that gives the car more drag and thus reduces performance, huge chrome rims, thin tires which don't have a very long life, added weight (audio systems, the bodykit, the huge spoiler, etc.), bottles of "NAWWS", etc.
by Meteor December 06, 2006
An Asian car modified to look fast without going fast. Including but not limited to, exhaust tip (not exhaust or cat back), rims, bodykit, cardboard, tape, glue. Ricers do go into the the territory of hoopties. However hoopties are a much worse case. DOES NOT apply to American or European cars as RICE originated in Asia. Any American car that meets the descriptive definition of a Ricer is considered automatically a hooptie.
- A 1999 Honda Civic with the bumper falling off and tints farts by-

Man 1 - "RICER!"
by Crazy4bmws October 26, 2009
some dipshit driving a econobomb with a shitload of shit attached to it with crazy glue, but no go-parts. also known as curb-muncher, rice burner and rice rocket. known to handle like shit, accelerate slower than molasses in antartica going up a hill and a semi with 40,000LBs of shit attached. vehicle can also be a butchered pickup truck, assuming it has all the mods a car type would with one of the following: spinners, hydraulics, hydraulic lift bed, hydraulic lift cab, all of the above antonyms: SEMI, tractor, lawn mower, snail, muscle car, any race car, sleepers, did i mention a semi?, nuclear supercarrier, top fuel dragster, u get my point
me(driving a 1965 Cobra): HEY DIPSHIT, WANNA RACE?
me: shut up and drive, im way ahead of 15 miles...and i never broke 2200RPM
by 379 February 25, 2005
Any vehicle be it 4,6, or 8 cylinder with excessive amounts of useless objects on their car.
1. Spoiler on a FWD for drag puposes (ok if it is for road racing, contrary to what most believe, because it does help the back end of the car from loosing grip in hard cornering)
2. Stickers such as Powered by... or VTEC when it doesnt have it etc...(Again on a show vehicle stickers are ok because they must in order to keep sponsorship)
3.Mufflers = ricer, no horsepower added just noise
Exhaust = Racer, added horsepower
4. LEsson: Ricer's are not just honda's and acura's so dont trash them it makes people look ignorant when there are dozens of Imports that have been modified correctly and have power upwards of 500hp, and if you truly are a car person you know that thats good for any vehicle

by the truth December 08, 2003
A ricer is an individual who "modifies" their vehicles with aftermarket or homemade components that offer little or no performance gain. Large mufflers resulting in a loud, low tone, lawnmower sound is very popular among ricers. Ricers also are obsessed with stickers, big spoilers, and body kits. Often, ricers neglect to paint body panels such as having a full primer gray body kit. Lamborghini(verticle) doors on Honda Civics are the reason Lamborghinis don't have Lamborghini doors anymore.

Contrary to popular belief, the term "ricer" has nothing to do with Asian vehicles:

"Rice" is an acronym for "Radically Immature Car Enthusiast".

Although the majority of ricers choose to "modify" base level Asian compact cars (IE: Honda Civics), have you ever seen a Chevrolet Cavalier or Dodge Neon? Enough said.

Ricers are famous for driving around revving their motors and trying to race everyone they see.
That civic is completely riced out and the 16 year old with the sideways hat playing loud rap music is a huge ricer.

There is a gathering of ricers at price chopper.
by kevtek March 04, 2011
A word used to describe someone of Salvadorian descent who is insulted by beaner. They often claim to eat more rice than beans.
Ricer:I'm not a beaner!
by UberGerman June 08, 2010

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