dumbshits who spend money on so-called performance parts for their shitty econo-box such as:

a snow plow for a front body kit

a park bench for a rear spoiler

decals of various brands (real track drivers have em because of sponsorship deals)

ugly paint jobs on both the outside and inside

retarded altezza taillights

a muffler whose displacement is bigger than that of the engine itself AKA a fart can
ricers cars often have less than 40 lb/ft of torque because their fart can exhausts eliminates virtually ALL back pressure.
by maddah fuggah January 20, 2010
An individual that takes an OK car (not limited to imports) and turns it into complete crap. Usually adding on things such as huge, loud ass mufflers, NASA type spoilers and a collage of stickers that don’t really mean shit. Also, there have been sightings of FALSE front mount intercoolers. Upon first site of one of these rice rockets, the onlooker (if not a ricer) usually gets a disgusted look on their face. (Like when watching parts of FEAR FACTOR) And many cuss words also come to mind.
If you ever see a car with a muffler that has a larger diameter than its rims, it definitely is a ricer
by Don Weezy July 12, 2006
A white boy from the suburbs who buys a slow econobox such as a Vauxhall Nova and buys a "phat" body kit, "sick" rims, loud exhaust pipe with an otherwise stock exhuast system, "tight" Altezza tailights, "innit" spoiler that is 50 feet high, a "performance" intake, a huge ass surround sound system in the trunk that plays "PHAT BEATS YO" such as Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake. Most ricers are high school jocks who think they are "gangsta" and are popular because they are "da best yo" at football, and are also popular because the school that is fool of coporate tools/preps that think the "whip" has performance.
Ricers have 3 inch dicks.
by Chucklyn April 15, 2005
has 2 meanings

first, a stupid suburban white teenager who tries to fix up a japanese import with shitty ass parts that do not enhance performance, simply to make ther cars look fast. They dont race cause they know they gonna lose! Loud as hell cars that cant race worth shit!

second meaning applies to an asian motorcycle gang in j-ville. they ussually hang out by the beaches.
pussy ass white ricers cant race worth shit
by omi da homie November 29, 2004
A group of people, not necessarily asian, who have cars for one soul purpose; looks. They do not particularly care for the performance of the car, just how it looks. In achieving this goal of "good looks" they use carbon fiber and euro lights.
A man or woman who slaps a body kit onto a Honda Civic
by Barbs May 17, 2004
someone who slaps a whole shitload of vinyl stickers on their car thinking it is fast and nice looking when in reality, its just a heap of shit.

that guy sunil's car looks nice with his new rims but with all those vinyl stickers, he is still a ricer.
by Fullah October 20, 2006
1.Any FWD foreign or domestic vehicle that is made to look fast by installing accesories such as but not limited to:

*aftermarket body kits
*aftermarket spoilers (which do NOTHING for traction on a FWD vehicle)
*oversized chrome exaust tips (a.k.a "fart cans/fart pipes/coffee cans") on an otherwise stock exaust pipe
*neons or other aftermarket lighting
*altezzas, or "clear tail lamp" lenses
*grille replacements made up of chicken wire type mesh
*painted calipers
*multiple TV monitors
*20 inch rims with very low profile "rubber band" tires
*cut coils for a lowered look
*stereo systems that have more power than the engine itself
*fake nitrous bottles (or to the ricer crowd..."NAAAAWWWSSS")
*and of course.....stickers of performance parts NOT ON THE CAR. (can you say "poser"?)

2. The truth is none of the above mods do ANYTHING to enhance the performance. As a matter of fact those who perform these so called "mods" have watched "The Fast And The Furious" too many times to be able to distinguish the difference between reality and a movie, thus they think if they make their cars look like the prop cars used in the movies they will be faster and look cooler. Out of interest, these idiots refer to themselves as "tuners" and not ricers.

3. The average person who owns or drives one of these vehicles is white, under 25, suffers from penis envy, wears his pants half hanging off his ass, walks with a fake limp and talks with ebonic slang. He probably works at Mc Donalds and races everything he sees but gets his ass handed to him 99% of the time. (Kias and Hyundais are exceptions)

4. Ricing your FWD car will not make it fast or cool, and is not a valid excuse for "I can't afford a real car"....V8 Camaros and Mustangs are still readily avaliable at a decent price. If not it's not a daunting task to do your own. If you want to be different you can always drop any 283-400 cubic inch small block Chevy V8 into an S-10 for one hell of a fast ride on the cheap.

5. The only real FWD cars that actually considered fast are the turbocharged cars like the SRT-4 or the WRX. Turbos are true power adders unlike all the fake gaudy crap mentioned above.

If you've ever claimed to have "raced a 'Vette with a Honda Civic and won", but for fear of embarassment failed to mention it was a CHEvette....you might be a ricer.

If your Civic has more neons that all of the Las Vegas strip clubs....you might be a ricer.

If your Accord has more TV screens than the local TV news room....you might be a ricer.
by Tha_Dawg October 22, 2006
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