Trend-following wannabes who add lots of badly made aftermarket parts to their Japanese imports in an attempt to make said import look fast. These people are usually teenagers mired in the suburbian quagmire that are forced to make their cars "custom" by doing the same thing all their ignorant little friends do. Note that none of the modifications commonly done by these idiots actually improves the car in any way.
Girl 1: Oh, look at that ricer, his car is so cute!

Girl 2: Yeah, almost as cute as his tiny little nuts
by Jesus September 23, 2003
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The process of taking an import car such as a Honda Civic, putting a fart pipe on it, spoilers and some stickers. Then you drive it around town flooring it out the corners, vainly beleiving people think you're cool and have driving skills.
by growupricer August 30, 2004
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a person who modifies a vehicle for looks with really bad taste, and no performance.
example of a ricer would be anyone who modifies a vehicle with really bad paint job, mismatched colored interior, and exterior. for performance, the cat is taken out, or just has an exhuast tip instead of an actual full exhaust, the springs are clipped to lower it, and has really bad camber.

sentence1: that ricer thinks his car looks good, but no one seems to like it.

sentence2: that ricer has no knowledge on cars.
by bob November 17, 2003
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Any of a number of persons, usually young males, who place numerous cosmetic enhancements to a vehicle in the belief that such enhancements will add performance to their vehicles. These "enhancements" include but are not limited to:

1. Incorrect badging
2. Insanely large exhaust tips (5" in diameter or greater)
3. Spoilers & bodykits; especially those made of cardboard or plastic
4. Offset tape stripes
5. Single wiper conversion
6. Oriental symbols; esp. on American cars
Cars do not neccesarily need to be imports to be considered "rice"- ex. "Cobra" badging and/or body kit on a V6 Mustang.
I've seen myself the following examples:

"RalliArt" badging on a Honda
"Evolution" badging and bodykit attempt on 1989 Mirage
"Neuspeed" badging on 1997 Lumina
"Type-R" badge and 5" exhaust tip on 1980s Civic Wagovan
Double spoiler, 18" rims and Type-R badge on Geo Metro
Type-R badge on Ford Probe
by Mr_Buick January 15, 2004
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A person who has a Japanese car that was made to go fast and handle well (Skyline, S2000, Impreza, RX7, even the Miata), and makes it go faster and handle better without making it look ugly is not a ricer.

A person who has a Japanese(typically, though ricers have been known to rice-out American and European cars) car (like the Civic) that was made to go slow, and makes the car look incredibly ugly by way of "aero kits" that are ineffective/detrimental to the car's aerodynamics is a ricer. This person could also have installed an "exhaust system" which eliminates all backpressure, including the backpressure the engine needs, which causes backfiring, loss of torque, and the infamous "farting in a coffee can" exhaust note. Furthermore, this person could have installed a set of comically large rims wrapped with almost non-existent tires, eliminating all sidewall and imparting to the car the ride qualities of a broken suspension. Lowering could have been performed by cutting the springs, which reduces ride height by softening the springs, which in turn renders the springs less useless. This is why ricers must slow to 2 miles per hour for speedbumps to avoid bottoming out.

The true hallmark of a ricer is that little to no useful engine modifications have been performed.
A non-ricer may have a small spoiler for rear downforce to even out weight distribution and increase stability at speed.

A ricer has so much "aero kits" that there is drag slowing the car, or the downforce that kicks in at speed will not let the car accelerate.
by ricer=stupid December 02, 2004
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A slow car with excessive cosmetic upgrades.
Rob Torre and Keith Bruni drive ricers.
by pd2 January 23, 2007
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Stupid wannabie losers who drive shitty cars with huge wings, fart cannons, lots of stickers that don't even match the manufactuer of the car, and they drive with the seats all the way back while blasting 50 Cent. Usually seen circling around high schools trying to pick up girls.
I saw this one ricer who put a bunch of Type R stickers on a Mazda MX6. Can you say retard?
by Seth March 26, 2004
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