Stupid wannabie losers who drive shitty cars with huge wings, fart cannons, lots of stickers that don't even match the manufactuer of the car, and they drive with the seats all the way back while blasting 50 Cent. Usually seen circling around high schools trying to pick up girls.
I saw this one ricer who put a bunch of Type R stickers on a Mazda MX6. Can you say retard?
by Seth March 26, 2004
a person who modifies his/her car for looks with bad taste, and no performance.
that ricer races anyone, and hasn't won a single race.
by bob November 15, 2003
A term used to describe idiots, predominantly in North America, who take their cheap Japanese import cars, load them with body modifications, a new exhaust, and maybe an air filter, and then think they can win any street race because their car looks sleek.

Keep in mind, that no engine modification or any other type of performance enhancing modification is included in the ricing process.
I hate those stupid, stupid idiots who rice their little Honda Civics up and then think they can smoke anyone. They all stink and have poor math skills.
by I hate Ricers. May 03, 2003
cars with fart mufflers not always a honda. usally a 16-20 year old that thinks he/she is hot shit
cars that go buzzzzzzzzzzzzz
by mike December 12, 2004
Either a Japnease car tuned to sound like a crying baby, or the term used to describe a helpless teen that thinks his or her lawnmower-powered civic or eclipse could own a Vette or Ferrari.
That cool civic you see haulin' down the freeway with an airplane wing for a spoiler.
by A.R.S. (Anti-Rice-Society) June 23, 2004
Read: Superfluous plastic accoutrements, including, but not limited to Alteeza lights, wings, bodykits, misc. other body parts (wheel flares, BMW gills, false air intakes, grills), contraband badges, parts taken off other cars and used for aesthetic purposes, and stickers particularly those of the Type R variety. Also includes pointless modifications such as functional/nonfunctional exhaust tips, exhaust resonators that produce the sound of a performance exhaust system, "cold air intakes" located in areas of excessive heat (behind or on top of the engine), excessive use of chrome, neon and strobe lighting (in any location), excessively large wheels and tires, gaudy wheels(color matched to the car or containing spinning parts), brake rotors painted in a way that emulates performance brakes, and fake blow off valves that emulate the sounds made by a real turbo(s). In addition these types of vehicles are excessively lowered to the point of immobility.

Although a common blight in imported automobiles coming from the Asian continent, the disease has spread to European and American vehicles as well. Both cars and trucks are effected. Male owners under the age of 25 who suffer from an inflated sense of self and a small penis most frequently fall victim to this disease.
I can't believe that "Type R" Honda thinks he can really take on my stage 6 Audi S4.

That poor little Volkswagen GTI has been ruined by a ricer. We should gather funds for a rehabilitation project.
by Queen of Ingolstadt November 24, 2003
a person who modifies a vehicle for looks with really bad taste, and no performance.
example of a ricer would be anyone who modifies a vehicle with really bad paint job, mismatched colored interior, and exterior. for performance, the cat is taken out, or just has an exhuast tip instead of an actual full exhaust, the springs are clipped to lower it, and has really bad camber.

sentence1: that ricer thinks his car looks good, but no one seems to like it.

sentence2: that ricer has no knowledge on cars.
by bob November 17, 2003
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