Slang term for Asians, or anyone of Asian decent. Predominately used for all those countries that eat a lot of rice.
Guy: Yo, check out them Rice eaters over there

Guy: Damn Rice eaters
by Raylord January 20, 2012
Top Definition
A Western man with a fetish for Asian women.
"That guy only dates Japanese girls."
"Yeah, he's a real rice eater."
by Def Nishun March 12, 2006
A vehicle with above average horsepower that puts rice racers to shame.
Dan's muscle car is a rice eater!
by markl farkl June 01, 2006
Chinaman, or any asian.
Don't eat so many cats you rice-eating cunt.
by riceeater November 28, 2003
Someone of Asian desent
"ahhh, dis sticky lice taste so good, i can not clam any moe into my ritto face, i eat ahs much as i can, yah!"
by Chigga wit the sungrasses June 28, 2003

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