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In parts of the U.S. with high-density asian poplulations: Any Asian-manufactured car with Asian pictogram character decals on the rear (or near the fuel port), driven by an under-30 Asian male. Usually surrounded by supider-than-shit asian girls (also under 25 years of age), as a means to attract more stupider-than-shit girls. Often a standard car with an oversized spoiler on the back which prevents the hood from opening.
Look! There goes a Rice Burner! He must be from the San Francisco Bay area!
by Fionnbharr Mac Ghoisle July 06, 2004
ANY Japanese motor product. Usually deriving power from High RPM's and NOT from engine volume.
Man o Man listen to that rice burner go.....
by PONYBOY July 12, 2003
Any POS Japanese import. Built to go straight to the crusher; do not pass go; do not collect $200.00; unless someone added NOS; then keep the bottle; fill bottle, knock neck off of bottle; watch bottle go faster than rice-burner ever will/did.
Hey Maybell! How come that import car dealership is so close to that scrap yard?
by Dodge Boy November 27, 2003
Any Asian-import automobile. The term "Rice Burner" is derived from the cars' origin, in Asia, where rice is a very abundant food (it's a starch). In order for a car to qualify as a Rice Burner, it must:
1) Have a 4-cylinder engine, also referred to as a "Four banger"
2) Be of Asian origin, and produced by an Asian automobile manufacturer, such as: Honda, Toyota, Infiniti, Lexus, Kia, Mistubishi, Suzuki, Subaru, Isuzu, or Acura, to name a few
3) Be small and compact, as most Asian imports are
4) Be extremely ugly, as most Asian imports are
5) Have an extremely annoying, and extremely poor-sounding muffler and exhaust system because the cars only have 4-cylinder eninges, which are totally worthless
6) Have a four banger that makes a petty amount of power and torque, that a kid on a bicycle could beat to 20 mph. Here, there is an exception however. The Mistubishi Lancer Evolution, and the Subaru WRX STi are the most powerful Rice Burners sold in the United States. Although they make upwards of 260 hp, and they should be given atleast a little bit of respect, they are still considered Rice Burners because they meet the rest of the requirements, and a car that slips through the cracks of this definition could be devastating to my credibility
Most Rice Burners are modified by their foolish owners. Several owners choose to bolt cheap, crappy parts onto their Rice Burners, becuase they are foolish and they think this makes their crappy car look "cool." These parts can include: even crappier sounding mufflers and exhaust systems that are usually extremely restricitve, abnormally large, useless and overdone rear spoilers, rather ugly body kits that do nothing for the cars' aerodynamics, unproportionally large wheels, often chrome, that can slow the cars' acceleration and lenghten it's braking distance because of the mass of the wheel, underbody neone lights that are illegal in most states to drive with, front wheel drive that is worthless, and last but not least, retarded sound systems that most of the time take up so much luggage space its not even funny, that eat the cars' battery alive, and taht disturb the peace by playing retarded rap and gay person pop because that is what is considered "cool," but is really not because most of today's population does not realize how incredibly awesome Rock is.
My Rice Burner sucks and it sounds like poo.
by Eugene Wahmbat January 05, 2005
A compact car usually seen with the following-Fart can muffler, clear lens tailights, oversized rims, 10 foot high spoiler and seen packed with 10 spikey haired baggy pants wearing mommas boys who cant seem to speak real english. They can also be seen with stupid looking body kits in a futile attempt to make the car more aerodynamic or look "cool". The occupants ussually thinking that everyone is checking out there ride when in reality they are being laughed at cause there car looks dumb. Also seen trying to race real performance cars and getting there asses handed to them. these are real pansys cars.
rice burner, honda civic, acura rsx are considered normal rice. wild rice are as follows toyota supra, nissan skyline subaru WRX sti, Lancer Evolution RS. But still rice none the less.

"hey bra!! rockin body kit man!!! you must be fast!!!"
"hey unhook 4 plug wires then race me dood"
"your lucky i dont have nawwwssss"
by Roseau November 29, 2005
People who drive any asian car and get wasted by any muscle car.
omg it has a V8 gezz that owns are 4cyc.
by SpaceApe.Net July 08, 2003
Any Japanese/Asian made car
Honda, KIa, Nissan, Mazda, Daewoo,Toyota
by James/Skeeter/Drex March 16, 2003