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Type of jap car that was made famous in such films as "the fast and furious" Often seen with spoilers, lowering kits and other bolt-on gay shit. Driven by big fags.
Yo man look at that homo in that gay ass rice burner!!
by Mr. O January 21, 2005
18 14
a word refering to a chinese or japanese cars that are putting american car companies out of buisness.
look at the gay guy driving that rice burner do u smell the rice.
by a fuffy camel May 21, 2009
9 6
a japanese imported car that no american should drive
look at that guy drive that rice burner. he should get an american car
by so lee hop dong September 26, 2009
4 2
Suburban rice-burners. Slacker white boys with the shaved heads and the earrings doin' the lean and thinking that their sound system sounds good (because the salesman told them so). Think they look cool, when all they're doing is covering up a total insecurity. I live in Chicago...I'll bet they won't feel so cool around the 65th & Western Ave. area. In fact, I'll be glad to show 'em how to make their balls grow even smaller than they already are.
Do the suburban white boys driving the rice burners even know?
by RTP April 14, 2006
18 16
Basically just a Japanese car, usually with a fart can, but some people say it has to have stickers and a dangerously lowered suspension.
That civic is such a rice burner!
by Replayyyz August 23, 2013
1 0
a: Any car that has been lowered soo much if it drove over rice growing on the ground it would burn it. b: A highly modified import car that is slower then it was in stock condition.
Also see domestic rice
that sound isn't a pack of bees or me farting its that crapy civic rice burner over there with that punk homeslice kid sitting in it.
by Jeff Currie November 14, 2003
10 9
Any little import car with an insanely fast 0-60...and a top speed of 60 MPH.
Honda Civic
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
33 32