Any automobile of asian origen which has been carelessly modifyed by a person with an IQ equal to the capacity of the gas tank. Usually classifyed by a paint job that would have blind men running to gouge their eyes out, enough Nitrous Oxide to make Hiroshima duck and cover, and an exhast pipe that would appear to have enough diameter to launch a watermelon over the Effiel Tower.

Recommended location for such a phenomenon:

Under the tire of a vehicle that actually is more threatening and powerful than an electric razor
Nuf said...
by Gurt March 18, 2004
a Honda Civic.
a loud high-pitched, annoying japanese car that tipically has the biggest possible muffler or fart pipe that will fit on the car. They also tend to have a huge ridiculous wing on the rear of the car.
What's that noise, is it a lawn mower?" "Nah bro, it's another rice burner.
by TunerFocus July 22, 2010
taken from the japanease peeps. A rice burner is a nice way of saying your car sucks and if you actually race one your cool 40 inch coffee can exhaust will fall off and that the rear wing spoiler on your stupid ricer is useless. First of all the wing must be attatched to the frame of the car not the trunk. second of all most of the wings you see create lift instead of down force. This could possibly be a japanease manufacturing default or that they just don't know anything about cars. The third problem is that even if the wing is creating downforce and is attatched to the frame the stupid ricer is front wheel drive.
Any car that has a folgers coffee can as exhaust.
by A.R.S. (Anti-Rice-Society) June 16, 2004
Any Car that as a coffee can exaust that is sparking on the ground because the "proud" owner of the super-fast-civic cut the springs on his suspension instead of getting the car professionally lowered.
Super-Sucky-Civic or Airplane Civic
by A.R.S. (Anti-Rice-Society) June 23, 2004
The outcome of putting a JC Whitney catalog in the hands of a Burger King fry cook who got his mom's civic when he turned 16. Just because it SOUNDS powerful, doesn't mean it is!
Wait, you mean that big, gay-looking wing, the body kit and 22" wheels add weight to the car and actually slow it down?? Next you're gonna tell me that 4 15" subs and 3 600 watt amps make the car heavier too!
by I smell rice burning! June 04, 2003
A Rice Burner is a car with a bunch of parts to make it appear
fast, but is actually running on the basic 4 cylinder engine.
Rice Burners,or Rice Rockets usually have these parts.

-Fake Fart Can Exhaust
-Body Kits thats are different color then the car itself
-Fake stickers/flames
-Sponsors such as NOS,but they don't have NOS
-A bright paint job, usually ugly
-Either Tinted or See through Lights
-Purple Window Tint (on windows)
-Loud Rap music coming from car
-Very high shopping cart Spoiler
-Fake vents/scoops
-Carbon Fiber hood
-Expensive Rims,Plastic Spinners,or missing hubcaps

And to complete it, a poor driver and a spilled
milkshake on the passenger seat.
Once I saw this rice burner, and it had purple window tint,
and only 1 spinner, and the rest of the wheels were spray
painted green and purple.
by Alamo11 February 06, 2007
Any car whose torque specs are less than my lug nuts require.
Any thing that has a fart can which produces such a abnoxious noise it is almost louder than the headers on my 5.7liter honda eater.
by Christina August 15, 2003
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