Whats the problem with tuners, we all (muscles, and imports) work under a hood and turn the same wrenches, you guys hate on the upgrades we make make, what about your upgrades, carbs instead of throttle bodies, i'd rather sink $10,000 into a four cylinder than $5,000 into a muscle just to achieve the same results also check the history very few stock american muscle cars ran 10secs in a 1/4 mile now look how many stock imports does any comments respect it for what it is yeah there is no replacement for displacement but come on be fair 140-250hp "rice burner" with a lower 1/4 mile time than the 750-900hp muscle
camero w/305 sporting the ss badging (what the ?????) hate on us for putting a type r badge on our rice burners
#why hate #rice burners #muscles #all automotives #motors #4 #8
by 92skivic February 19, 2006
Any efficiently designed car that maximises the advancements in automotive technology, that does not don the name of an animal to enhance its image and does not require an air strip or 1000 laps on a speedway to reach its full potential.
"Shit my muscle car had nothing, that rice burner blew me away... to save face I better spread lies about them to make my car 'appear' faster"
(Just left the petrol station) "Damn!! its time to fill my tank again, I only went a couple of metres, makes me wish I had an efficient rice burner..."
by Asian Power !!!!!!!!!! October 04, 2003
a car that, if modifed correctly, would smash on all the punk ass V-8'ers. Forced induction rules over displacement!

Fuck american muscle!

tuner ricer import]
rice burners smoke V-8's
by ronin March 23, 2005
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