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Whats the problem with tuners, we all (muscles, and imports) work under a hood and turn the same wrenches, you guys hate on the upgrades we make make, what about your upgrades, carbs instead of throttle bodies, i'd rather sink $10,000 into a four cylinder than $5,000 into a muscle just to achieve the same results also check the history very few stock american muscle cars ran 10secs in a 1/4 mile now look how many stock imports does any comments respect it for what it is yeah there is no replacement for displacement but come on be fair 140-250hp "rice burner" with a lower 1/4 mile time than the 750-900hp muscle
camero w/305 sporting the ss badging (what the ?????) hate on us for putting a type r badge on our rice burners
by 92skivic February 19, 2006
26 77
a rice burner is a small vehicle of some sort, many many stickers that say this is fast but really isn't, a 1/2 inch exhaust leading into a $300 buck coffee can muffler, a huge rear wing that at maybe 300 mph could take off, the Bling Bling and all that other shit, ground effects that add much more weight to the piece of shit, then theres the wheels and rims that cost alot more then the entire car it self. the driver of the vehicle thinks he or she is the shit of the world well they are the shit, the shit I just left behind me. also theres the engine modifications that would include chrome covers colorful wiring and other crap but the engine is still stock, the turbo is usually burnt because they don't know how to cool them off when they shut the engine down. and finally they talk shit saying that they beat all kinds of cars, vettes, f1's all the same shit to them, they just don't give up.
when I drive my 71 nova around with its 427 don't even think about racin unless you have 1 grand in cash, because you'll be behind be all the way.
by spence February 22, 2004
19 10
A japanese import car that burns high octane powdered rice instead of gasoline
Damn it smells like shrimp fried rice around here...whos driving the honda?
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
16 7
Usually a import car modifyed to look fast with oversized and excessively loud mufflers, extra large spoilers that serve no purpose but to look like a race car, ugly cheap matte colored body-kits, and possibly logos of tuner performance parts that was not even purhased by owners.
" Hey look at that car, its so loud and ugly."

" Oh, its just a rice burner, you can tell by the sound and look."
by Andrew Chi Nguyen February 05, 2008
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a stereotypical state of existence labeled to any person or vehical who/ that FALSIFIES HIGH PERFORMANCE.
-a 1999 Ford Mustang over-decorated with glow in the dark "HKS" stickers.

-a 2002 Honda Accord with an oversized wing.
by todd willus November 28, 2003
16 8
Esentially, the "FAIL" of street legal cars. Usually driven by teenagers or losers in their early 20's who didn't go to college or didn't find productive jobs. The older the person driving the rice burner, the more times said person has failed.

Cliental: You've spotted a rice burner enthusiast if the suspect.....

1.Wears dime store jewelry
2. Has girlfriend who looks like her vagina is almost as worn down as her boyfriends tires
3. wears a sideways billed hat.
4. has a 13-inch exhaust tip with 2.5 inch piping
5. has noticeably used "carbon fiber" accessories from craigslist.
6. has rear wing that is taller than the average person in the country from which the car originated.
7. Thought tokyo drift was the best F&F movie.
8. Avoids muscle cars like the plague
9. would immediately become a sniveling coward at the site of an engine bigger than 2.6 L
10. cries when engine size is conveyed in cubic-inches
11. frequently talks of "turbo's" but never with any specification of the type
11. has a tank for filling helium balloons that has been converted into "NOS!"
12. Didn't attend school long enough to understand what NOS is.
13. Does not know the 4 parts in the 4-stroke-cycle
14. Originally thought that driving a stick-shift made them gear-heads.
15. Only drives with 1-arm on the top of the wheel and leaned back once he's made eye-contact with you and knows your watching
I finally got my mustang down into the 11's, but when i was leaving the track, some gaywad in his rice burner was hitting on chicks in the parking lot and it made me lose all the excitement i had.

Animal control came knocking on my door because someone had reported hearing a lot of kittens purring near-by, turns out a rice-burner had just tried to burn out past my house.
by AConcernedDriver November 20, 2009
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any hideous slower-then-shit honda or the like that sounds like a weed eater.
guess what, i have a vehicle that sounds like it has something bigger then a lawn mower engine.
i never lost to a ricer in my stock jeep cherokee or my fullsize chevy w/160k miles and engine probs.
by Drax (soutern and proud) June 07, 2003
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A peice of shit vehicle that:

1: Boys think will help them get laid.

2: Sounds like a pissed of Bumble Bee.

3. Is fucking useless in what the kids nowadays call "races".

4: Boys think they know what there doing under the hood of it but fuck up and dont know how to fix it.

5: Boys think that working on the body of it counts as actually "working" on it.

6: People think that they are apart of the 'Need For Speed' scene.
*Rice Burner rolls by*

Damn...my weedeater sounds better than that.
by Rackal June 26, 2009
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