Whats the problem with tuners, we all (muscles, and imports) work under a hood and turn the same wrenches, you guys hate on the upgrades we make make, what about your upgrades, carbs instead of throttle bodies, i'd rather sink $10,000 into a four cylinder than $5,000 into a muscle just to achieve the same results also check the history very few stock american muscle cars ran 10secs in a 1/4 mile now look how many stock imports does any comments respect it for what it is yeah there is no replacement for displacement but come on be fair 140-250hp "rice burner" with a lower 1/4 mile time than the 750-900hp muscle
camero w/305 sporting the ss badging (what the ?????) hate on us for putting a type r badge on our rice burners
by 92skivic February 19, 2006
Often driven by a ricer, these heavily modified japanese import cars are a little better than turbo-charging your mums kettle. Often seen with a rear aerodynamical device called a "wing", they are mistaken for a Shopping Trolley or toilet-with-handles.

Usually seen outside your local massive shopping center or cultural center, they make themselves seen by revving their engines while driving at 10kms/hr so as that they are noticed.

Australians typically hate rice burners and ricers. Rice burners are often mistaken for tuner cars, which look similar, but the person in charge usually knows what they are doing.

Usually, a rice burner's additions serve only to increase the weight, damage costs and yellow stickers (oz), for little or no effect.
OMG I just blew off that loud rice burner in my tuned XF Fairmont Ghia (oz car). Is it just me or did it sound like its exhaust had fallen off?

My 97kw 76 HJ Kingswood (oz car) owns your pos rice burner.
by Clontarf[X] January 25, 2004
Small Japanese car, usually modified by an Asian American youth
He rolled his rice burner on Saturday night
by Brian Folks March 26, 2003
Anyone who would add an 80lb wing to the rear of a front wheel drive car.
Look man i got a wing, I have enough weight on the back so the front will lift and i can spin tires. HEHE
by doesntmatter September 17, 2003
1) One who burns rice. 2) Stovetop heat generator manufactured specifically for over-cooking rice. 3) Modified import economy cars. Modifications might include suspension, engine, exhaust or visual modifications. Roughly 2% of the cars taking part in this phenomenom are true performance machines. The remaining 98% are made up of strictly superficial modifications and are just sad attemps that do little more than show the need of the driver to stand out from, and above, their peers. Unfortunately their efforts generate the opposite effect.
1)Chad is a rice burner. 2)Chad bought a new G.E. rice burner at Sears. 3)Chad locked his keys in his rice burner when he went to the mall.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
A car with no real threat potential that is usually mismatched with the wrong equipment and poorly set suspension with a canted wheel disposition. Despite the farting noise put out by the mufflers, the misfiring NGKs and 5 ton music system which pretty much puts the car back to square one in terms of weight if not HEAVIER than when it was stock, the drive has a statistically better chance of generating more HP and Kilojoules from wanking his crank at bedtime. Identifying Characteristics: Due to an obnoxiously large and high set aluminum wing, it is commonly mistaken for a SHOPPING CART at your local SAFEWAY or PIGGLY WIGGLY.
Mary Mary, quite contrary. Trim the bush it's so damned hairy! Cut that sh*&t off.
by vespa September 17, 2003
piece of shit that costs 8-17 grand and looks like it costs 90, but does 0-60 in about 16 seconds. obviously a dreamers car, for example a dreamer who is 16-21 yrs of age who makes about minimum wage an hour, whose parents probably drive a mini-van.
skinny pimpley-faced kid in his lil asian car with his wannabe gangsta bitch barbie girl friend in the passenger seat checking her make-up in the side mirror bobbin her head to the "phat" beats blasting out of the 50,000 watt system, while admiring her scrwany ass boy friends asian charcter symbol tattoos on his scrawny arms while he's on his lil cell phone/2-way talking about his boys and saying that he's "pimpin".
by Eric July 20, 2003
the assholes who fuck up their cars with stickers,wings,tips, and 13" steel wheels, and give a bad name to the rest of us who improve performance tastefully...ex. turbo on inside clean factory look on outside....those muther fuckers make it easy for stupid ass redneck dumb shits to hate on everyone who drives a vehicle with only half the # of cylinders that they possess.
Billy Ray made fun of my 11 sec 1/4 mile integra for the simple fact that his mustang has beaten Trey's (high school kid) integra...you know the one with the big ass wing and the monza exhaust tip and the yellow spray painted interior and the homemade cold air intake oh yeah and he has dem stickers all over it, and dose euro tail lights and dem gtr turbo badges............bastard
by scott mcaneny May 04, 2004

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