Whats the problem with tuners, we all (muscles, and imports) work under a hood and turn the same wrenches, you guys hate on the upgrades we make make, what about your upgrades, carbs instead of throttle bodies, i'd rather sink $10,000 into a four cylinder than $5,000 into a muscle just to achieve the same results also check the history very few stock american muscle cars ran 10secs in a 1/4 mile now look how many stock imports does any comments respect it for what it is yeah there is no replacement for displacement but come on be fair 140-250hp "rice burner" with a lower 1/4 mile time than the 750-900hp muscle
camero w/305 sporting the ss badging (what the ?????) hate on us for putting a type r badge on our rice burners
#why hate #rice burners #muscles #all automotives #motors #4 #8
by 92skivic February 19, 2006
An asian girl who farts when having intercourse doggie-style.
It was all fun and games until the riceburner ripped one.
#rice #girl #asian #sushi #fart
by ppke September 09, 2007
Person who dislikes/hates Asian people or things Asians and expresses their opinions.
"What's he got against Asians? Dude's a real rice burner!"
by Tigger_tail October 27, 2004
a car that makes all muscle cower in fear at the shere power and performance of the import. Rice has horsepower out the ying yang!(joke)
what the white teenager says as the 71 chevelle super sport rips past him
by rory pauly November 06, 2003
A car (usually an import) tricked out, usually with useless bling. In some cases (mostly cars with turbos) performance parts are added, which makes that inline 4 cylinder car capable of whoopin some domestic musclecar @$$. A RiceBurner will womp a muscle car, as long as it is set up right.
Joe's 1998 Mazda RX-7 RiceBurner, could kick you mustangs @$$.
#ricer #riceburner #jap crap #honda #import
by Sawyer Shewak April 10, 2006
any of various heavily modified import cars i.e. 2002 subaru wrx with the following modifications:
HKS GT turbo upgrade, Blitz front-mount intercooler, Greddy turbo back exhaust, Turbo XS blow off valve, Cusco strut bar, Blitz electronic boost controller, and a whole lot of other shit that costs a lot of money.
My rice burner ripped your domestic "muscle car" a new muffler.
by yellow fever October 13, 2003
a lightly modded 270hp atrw SR20DET 180sx (not 240sx)running at 18psi, only monster fmic,bov, boost controller, exhaust and brake upgrade, no engine work. It has beaten most stock or lightly tuned v8 domestics, I have yet to race a viper gts.
rick's rice burner smoked mustangs, i-rocs and vettes
by Nizmo September 11, 2003
A vehicle of Asian decent that is designed for performance from the factory, modified by aftermarket parts for performance, or has been modified to give the illusion of performance. These vehicles use small displacement (often 4 cylinder) engines equipped with turbochargers or high performance parts in order to make more power. These vehicles lack the torque of larger motors, have high strung powerbands, and their exhausts generally sound positively repulsive. Being Japanese, they often appear well built, but when subjected to the rigors of performance driving, their light duty, compact drivetrain parts often break or become damaged. They are not designed to be driven like Muscle cars. This includes, but is not limited to, Transaxles, driveshafts (and CV Joints), shifters, shift cables, transfer cases (on AWD equipped vehicles), and clutch assemblies. OEM and aftermarket parts are generally very cost prohibitive on these vehicles, since they are imported from other countries. Between price and difficulty working on the compact drivetrains and components, this makes repairs and modifications very expensive.
Factory Riceburners: Vehicles like the Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Acura Integra Type R, Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T/GS-X, Nissan Skyline GT-R, Toyota Supra, Toyota MR2, Nissan 350Z, Acura RSX Type S, Mazda RX-7, Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4. Although these vehicles overall performance may not be bad, they still have the attributes of riceburners, and therefore fall into the category. A vehicle does not have to be "slow" to be "rice".

Ricers often like to take regular economy cars and try to make them into "performance" cars as well, which is also rice. Typical add ons include huge wings on the truck, hood scoops, stickers, louds exhausts (fart cans), engine modfications, large wheels, altezza taillights, and body kits. The most popular vehicle to modify is the Honda Civic, it is usually credited with starting the whole "import tuner" craze of the early-mid 90's.
#rice #ricer #riceburner #import #japanese #honda #mitsubishi #toyota #subaru #evo #sti #s2000 #dsm #eclipe #integra #nsx #350z #3000gt #vr4 #type r #mr2 #gt-r #wrx #supra #gst #gsx #rx-7 #gsr #fart can
by Steveo611 March 08, 2007
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