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Street-term for Cocaine.
Are you selling any of that rice?
by dj32089 April 17, 2009
4 8
1. An oriental-based food that originated in Asian cultures; 2. Any vehicle that resembles any Asian-based auto (ex. Honda; Toyota; Scion; etc.)
Any Japanese automobile that has a custom exhaust, bearing a diameter of more than 3 inches. This exhaust, when reved from the engine, makes an unattractive sound called Rice-Burning.
by PGII April 09, 2007
3 7
A go-kart that looks very similar to a japanese car, but it sounds the same, and goes just as fast as a go cart. It has
1) Very large rims
2) Huge Spoiler
3) Less horsepower than a lawnmower
4) All of Which is pushing about as much torque as a hamster wheel
5)Not to mention all the other crap, such as body kits, and decals
Oh and yes, Skylines, and 350z's are also rice
See also: Rice rocket, rice cooker
Money spent on performance< Money spent on car< Money spent on body kits and some other stuff like that<Money spent on rims
The Camaro smoked the rice cooker in second gear
by Andrew March 27, 2005
24 28
great, superb, nonpareil; also, good, okay
That show was rice, dude.

Dude, did you hear Mike on "Fee"? That was rice!
by Dan Lubin January 24, 2004
7 12
Honda car.
Honda Civic with "Type R" Stickers all over it. Big spoiler, fart can, lots of stickers, the more stickers the faster it goes. :)
by N December 10, 2003
10 15
RICE- slang for a single cigarette.
Yo man, let me get a rice.
by Sabertoothe666 April 13, 2009
3 9
chinese food
White granules
by the Poopsmith's son January 29, 2004
20 27