Usually a shitbox 4 cylinder car that has been turned into an even shitter shitbox by means of modifications such as 20 inch rims (which make it handle even worse), a monster tacho (which does nothing but add weight), a ridiculously big exhaust (which makes it slower) and silly looking clear tail lights (which makes you gay).
Look at me, I drive a gay little rice car.
by non rice owner January 28, 2010
Street-term for Cocaine.
Are you selling any of that rice?
by dj32089 April 17, 2009
A go-kart that looks very similar to a japanese car, but it sounds the same, and goes just as fast as a go cart. It has
1) Very large rims
2) Huge Spoiler
3) Less horsepower than a lawnmower
4) All of Which is pushing about as much torque as a hamster wheel
5)Not to mention all the other crap, such as body kits, and decals
Oh and yes, Skylines, and 350z's are also rice
See also: Rice rocket, rice cooker
Money spent on performance< Money spent on car< Money spent on body kits and some other stuff like that<Money spent on rims
The Camaro smoked the rice cooker in second gear
by Andrew March 27, 2005
1. An oriental-based food that originated in Asian cultures; 2. Any vehicle that resembles any Asian-based auto (ex. Honda; Toyota; Scion; etc.)
Any Japanese automobile that has a custom exhaust, bearing a diameter of more than 3 inches. This exhaust, when reved from the engine, makes an unattractive sound called Rice-Burning.
by PGII April 09, 2007
great, superb, nonpareil; also, good, okay
That show was rice, dude.

Dude, did you hear Mike on "Fee"? That was rice!
by Dan Lubin January 24, 2004
Honda car.
Honda Civic with "Type R" Stickers all over it. Big spoiler, fart can, lots of stickers, the more stickers the faster it goes. :)
by N December 10, 2003
RICE- slang for a single cigarette.
Yo man, let me get a rice.
by Sabertoothe666 April 13, 2009

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