to be nice or good. A positive thing.
'that's rice, man!' or 'it's not just rice, it's Jerry Rice!' (Jerry Rice = very nice; really good)
by Sean Anderson October 12, 2005
Trouble, Problem
Not my rice.
by Sarah October 17, 2003
Something all the azians know about when it comes to sports related injuries. Coming from SweetPinoy85, this goes out to all the DDR mavericks out there:
R - Rest = Make sure to rest the part of your body that hurts. That probably goes without saying. Just don't use the aching body part as much as you normally would.

I - Ice = As soon as you can, put ice where the pain resides. Ice for 15 mins, then remove the pack for 5. Repeat for a good hour maybe. If you leave the ice on too long, that part of your body will swell up - not good. If iced properly, your heal time will be cut in half. If you don't have ice readily available, then find a way to apply any kind of coldness on the aching area.

C - Compression = If bones, joints, or ligaments are injured, make sure to put a wrap or tie something around the afflicted area. This keeps all the inside parts together so that they can't be injured further. I have ACE knee wraps handy while I play just to make sure that nothing gets hurt. If your neck hurts, don't be a dumbass and compress that part of your body.

E - Elevation = My favorite part. If your bed is against a wall, this healing process is easy to accomplish. Before you go to sleep, scoot your body up against the wall so that your feet rest on the wall and are raised well above your body (specifically, your heart). Make sure you have something to do for the next 30 mins while your feet lay on the wall (I usually do my reading HW, which takes an hour and allows for a good resting period). While you do this, you'll probably feel the aching blood in your legs drain out - this is a very good thing. After 30 mins (or until you think all the bad blood has been restored in your legs), your legs should be well rested. If done properly, you should feel VERY minimal aching in your legs the next day. This method can also be applied to ParaPara aches by resting your hands on top or on the back of your head to place them above your heart.

by Joshiro007 March 21, 2003
The last name of the lovely, first black woman Secretary of State. Condoleeza Rice can be referred to also as the "Third most powerful person in the US Government", as she is just under President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
I love to eat rice. I also love the gorgeous woman Condoleeza Rice.
by Journey Fan March 29, 2005
A term used by mustang and camaro drivers, by any car that isint that of american decent. Usually accompained by monster spoilers.
Hey the kids with there rustangs and slowmaros called my car rice becuase i have underbodies, but who knows why they care its not their car.
by TheAmericanWatchDog April 25, 2004
a food grown by chinks around the word for americans to eat (slaves)
rice OOHHHHHH DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by BIG BEN SKYWALKER September 29, 2004
A term used to describe the level of softness in a person
Wow that girl is so rice
by Gracieissocool June 14, 2016
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