a crap ass aisan car thats used to try to win races agains good cars.
there are a lot of freakin rice burners in vancover
by jenn November 20, 2003
ANY Japanese motor product. Usually deriving power from High RPM's and NOT from engine volume.
Man o Man listen to that rice burner go.....
by PONYBOY July 12, 2003
Any POS Japanese import. Built to go straight to the crusher; do not pass go; do not collect $200.00; unless someone added NOS; then keep the bottle; fill bottle, knock neck off of bottle; watch bottle go faster than rice-burner ever will/did.
Hey Maybell! How come that import car dealership is so close to that scrap yard?
by Dodge Boy November 27, 2003
A compact car usually seen with the following-Fart can muffler, clear lens tailights, oversized rims, 10 foot high spoiler and seen packed with 10 spikey haired baggy pants wearing mommas boys who cant seem to speak real english. They can also be seen with stupid looking body kits in a futile attempt to make the car more aerodynamic or look "cool". The occupants ussually thinking that everyone is checking out there ride when in reality they are being laughed at cause there car looks dumb. Also seen trying to race real performance cars and getting there asses handed to them. these are real pansys cars.
rice burner, honda civic, acura rsx are considered normal rice. wild rice are as follows toyota supra, nissan skyline subaru WRX sti, Lancer Evolution RS. But still rice none the less.

"hey bra!! rockin body kit man!!! you must be fast!!!"
"hey unhook 4 plug wires then race me dood"
"your lucky i dont have nawwwssss"
by Roseau November 29, 2005
People who drive any asian car and get wasted by any muscle car.
omg it has a V8 gezz that owns are 4cyc.
by SpaceApe.Net July 08, 2003
any car w/ less horse power than my gsxr 1k. honda civics are a family car... they arent even fun to race...
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
Any Japanese/Asian made car
Honda, KIa, Nissan, Mazda, Daewoo,Toyota
by James/Skeeter/Drex March 16, 2003
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