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the assholes who fuck up their cars with stickers,wings,tips, and 13" steel wheels, and give a bad name to the rest of us who improve performance tastefully...ex. turbo on inside clean factory look on outside....those muther fuckers make it easy for stupid ass redneck dumb shits to hate on everyone who drives a vehicle with only half the # of cylinders that they possess.
Billy Ray made fun of my 11 sec 1/4 mile integra for the simple fact that his mustang has beaten Trey's (high school kid) integra...you know the one with the big ass wing and the monza exhaust tip and the yellow spray painted interior and the homemade cold air intake oh yeah and he has dem stickers all over it, and dose euro tail lights and dem gtr turbo badges............bastard
by scott mcaneny May 04, 2004
35 17
Any asain imported car were the owner does only changes the cosmetics of the car and does not do any performance modifications.
Putting a wing on the car or getting a body kit before putting in a cold air intake or any other performance parts
by Andy June 01, 2003
26 10
A 2000 dollar car with peel on window tints, 4 different sized wheels with 4 differetn hub caps on them. The car that you can hear smell and see the smoke cloud from an hour later.
johny jumped into his 1985 rice burner right after he finished his drug deal.
by max the jew September 18, 2003
21 6
A little shitbox japanese car that some fully sick leb has decided to "hot up". Hotting up a car for them is usually putting on a body kit and a blow off valve.
The lebs drove their riceburner to the party and were laughed at not just because their in a rice burner, but because theyre leb.
by AshleyLoren May 18, 2005
70 56
1. A piece of shit asian import driver who believes any car can knock 10 seconds off their quater mile time with a turbo.
2. Any asian import with a disproportionally large tail wing, a low body kit, a high performance 4-cyl. engine, chrome rims, an obnoxiously loud exhaust system with a tip wide enough to fit your forearm into, and a sound system weighing as much as the car made to out-sound the exhaust. Cars like this usually get laughed off the racing strip.
by 89IROC-Z November 22, 2003
29 14
Any small, disposable vehicle that resembles a push-type lawnmower at first glance. Usually (poorly) piloted by scrawny white boys trying to work through identity crises.
Trailer-pard Tad (otherwise known as deluxe_247) scrapes his generic Asian tin can along at 34 mph with his (c)rap blaring at distorted levels. He calls other backward-hat wearing punks "treble rebels". Sesame Street is urgently looking for you, Tad.
by lexusux October 13, 2003
23 9
A; all show no go B; more power to the stickers C; good view of my ass when racing
hey riceboy, i noticed one of your fog lights is out when i looked in my rear view mirror
by Jap Can Crusher September 11, 2003
37 26