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Some weird vitamine thing that is in foods and vitamines.
The crackres had riboflavin in them.
by Natalia L February 18, 2008
An emulsifier, found in cereals and yogurt, and many other foods.
Look, spam has riboflavin, must be healthy...

Johnny Bravo - Riboflaviny!
by RajRaion September 29, 2003
from ghetto talk, flavin meanign good, ribo meanign really, riboflavin meanign really good
"yo niggah, how that chicken taste?"
"man this goddamn chicken is flavin, nah its better than flavin, its RIBOflavin!"
"fo shizzle?"
"fo shizzle mah nizzle"
by poomin May 10, 2004
the flavin of the ribo
This contains riboflavin
by Shang November 12, 2003