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contrary to popular belief;
he IS all time low's drummer.
NOT a techie.

rian dawson is a pretty awesome guy.
by Marimarie Catastrophe November 23, 2007
The amazingly sweet drummer of the pop/punk band All Time Low. A lot of people have problems reconizing who he is.
Girl 1: Who's that guy?
Girl 2: Rian Dawson from All Time Low idiot!
by Jtotheackie November 03, 2007
The drummer of pop-punk band, All Time Low.
He's very often ignored by teenage girls that are blinded by Alex, Jack, or Zack.
Girl #1: Who's that babe playing drums?
Girl #2: Rian Dawson, duh!
by avarofl July 30, 2008
The ultimate awesome ass, hot drummer from the band All Time Low. Usually hiddin by his flailing arms hitting all the drums or by Alex Gaskarth who is also rather hot :)
He also has insanely perfect, white teeth so i guess he brushes his teeth loads.
Person1: ohmygod, who's the hottie on the drums behind Alex Gaskarth?
Person2: its's rian dawson! duhhh
by qwerty994 February 19, 2010
Drummer In the amazing band All time low And dating Cassadee Pope

He looks a bit like a potato
Hustler: Rian Dawson, you look at bit like a potato.
Rian: I don't look like a potato...Do I?!
by BonerFaceATL December 10, 2011
The insanely cute drummer for the pop-punk band All time low who takes the best selfies. He is dating the beauitful Cassadee Pope and looks like a potato. He has amazing teeth and the whole fandom is in love with them.
Girl: Who is the drummer?
Fan: The babe is Rian Dawson
Girl: He kind of looks like a potatobut has insanely nice teeth
Fan: Tell me about it
by lolwowno May 17, 2014

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