The greatest thing in the world. It symbolizes God (who is Sean). Being called a Rhombus is the biggest compliment EVER. Of course, there are some dumbasses out there who will never understand the way of the rhombus.
I was like "Whoa" then everyone else was like "Rhombus!"
by AreEyeSeaRHOMBUS27 June 18, 2003
Any asian girl's pussy
Check out that rhombus in the sushi bar!
by d-o-d December 30, 2005
a woman with a slightly saggy ass or to lesser extent slightly saggy boobs.
that chick s a bit of a rhombus inshe?
by deebrown December 23, 2003
(Noun/adjective/adverb) Someone who is dorkie to the point of hilarity and is not hip enough to be a square, but has his shit in line enough to be a parallelogram

"That kid is such a rhombus, did you see the muscle spasms he attempted to call dance moves?"

"He is so rhombus that he ate an apple just so he would have a common point of interest to talk about with Snow White, his imaginary wife."

"He throws things so rhombusly that I knew that paper wasn't going in the trash can before it left his hand."
by HelloCellery June 09, 2016
Used in the term"Ur Such a fucking ROHMBUS" which means that you complie to society
Max, You stole My C.S.GO knife. Ur such a Fucking "RHOMBUS"
by That RHOMBUS guy June 22, 2016
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