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useless term used to turn the mind 's of school childeren mush thus rending them godfearing patriatic slave
my point was proven when you clicked on this word
by aeztek November 12, 2004
1: An awkwardly shaped diamond-kite; often used as a way to put confusion upon students in a Geometrical class

2: (to be) A man-hoe, a mishapen boy, a man with an ugly personality, or just plain ugly; also can be defined as one being silly or showing loser like qualities
OHMYGOD. Are you serious?! He's such a rhombus.
by snaf April 22, 2011
Something unexpected, confusing, out of the ordinary. When a person is expecting one thing and then something else happens.

"Yo, she threw me a f**kin rhombus!"

In this case, said person recognizes that a situation became compromised, and then states loudly that the offender did something out of the ordinary by throwing her an unexpected shape of sorts.
I can't believe she did that to me, she definitely threw me a rhombus!
1. In geometry, a rhombus or rhomb is a quadrilateral whose four sides all have the same length.

2. A tilted/bent square.

3. A joint/marijuana cigarette. (A square is a tobacco cigarette, so a rhombus is a cigarette that gets you tilted.)
Spark that rhombus, let's get bent!
by The Zahir February 28, 2011
The best band on the New Zealand music scene at the moment. An incredibly funky blend of cafe jazz infused with drum and bass. Just listening to it makes you wanna leap to your feet and dance!
"Sound check mics so deep..."
by bohemia April 23, 2005
A portion of the Princeton Univeristy campus used for smoking weed. Phish smoked there back in the day, too.
Lets go to the rhombus and smoke a fat blizzy.
by Commonwealth1325 October 19, 2003
a large male, usually one whom is the dominant male in a prison, or other group of men. Typically one whom makes others his bitch.
He was violated by rhombus in the shower
by urban linguist July 25, 2003