This is a horrible place with corrupt police, lawyers, and certain few wealthy running it. It is best not to go there unless you like jail, unjust punishment, along with the occasional police beat down.
Rhode Island
by RI_Citizen January 30, 2009
If every U.S. state were to be a person's dick, Rhode Island would be George Bush's.
Guy: Where are you from?
Girl: Oh, I'm from Rhode Island.
Guy: Damn, that state is almost as small as Dubya's dick!
by Cuchilla October 20, 2009
1. A great state to leave 2. A half baked political experiment gone horribly awry 3. A good state to drink and drive (even if you only have to go around the block, as it beats walking in most towns and the cops don't care unless you actually hit something and they actually have to work) 4. A textbook example of how to destroy (or privatize)otherwise beautiful and picturesque coastal property 5.On the upside, it's a great place to find an amazing variety of good food at any hour of the day or night, if you know where to go
I,m so glad I finally left Rhode Island after all these years, although it's midnight and I could sure go for a lobster.
by Fritay May 19, 2007
Apparently filled with illiterate people who cannot spell to save their life.
person A: I'm from Rhode Island how do you spell that?

person b: Me too, I hav know klu.
by Providencebeast April 16, 2007
The place you usually end up when you take a wrong turn.
"We were driving to the Cape we took the wrong exit and ended up in freaking Rhode Island."
by masshole#1 November 06, 2005
The state that came out Massachusetts butt hole and the result was Rhode island. A Boring state, with a bunch of corrupt politicians like Buddy cianci( Typical Italian from Rhode island who gives Italians around the country bad names). The capital is Providence, which is a complete dump, the only attraction are the water fires and one good school. The nightlife is very bad, alot of clubs are ghetto and full of Rhode island garbage, only a few decent ones. The state with the highest percentage of Italian descendents of poor peasants from Sicily and southern parts of Italy. Also referred as the ocean state or crap state. full of stupid ghetto kids and lots of ugly girls. Wishes it was as good as Massachusetts
Rhode island sucks, looks like dog poop, horse poop, cat poop
by damaaaaaaaaan October 26, 2006
A very small state full of bigoted people who hate everyone outside their own ethnic group and have a superiority complex for no good reason. Lots of gold chains and ricer cars for men. Lots of makeup and big hair on women. Very ghetto.
Wanna see some real ghetto action? Check out the greasy guys up in North Providence, Rhode Island. It'd be a trailer park if they had the land for it.
by w00tgirl April 19, 2006

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