Rhode Island is state that has the worst jerk drivers in the nation. Drivers follow so closely that it should be called the "Tailgate State" If you ask why drivers don't use turn signal they reply "it's nobody's business where your're going". The state is full of poke you drivers, the ones who live in the left lane like they pay rent there and never pass anyone or the ones that pull out into traffic that is going 30 miles per hour and slow you down to 20 miles per hour. Everyday you will see multiple drivers, mostly young females, who swerve all over a traffic lane and are constantly stepping on their breaks and guess what they are doing ---TEXTING! Drivers either roll through stop signs or sit at them when there is no traffic coming.

Actually the state motto should be: "Arrive on vacation, leave on probation" since most residents has spent some time at the ACI.
Guy 1: "Have you ever driven in "Rhode Island"?

Guy 2: Driven in "Rouge Island"? Yeah I was driven out of "Rhode Island" by a crazy woman who rode my bumper all the way to the Connecticut state line
by wattstaxx May 27, 2014
Lot's of sterotypes. But here's the REAL thing from and actual Rhode Islander (Surprise! Didn't know there was any?)
Okay, we're small but not THAT small, it takes at least... well... 45 minutes to get from top to bottom in good traffic (ok I guess we are kinda small)... lots of beaches, home of Del's Lemonade, in which watermelon is the best flavor, lemon's gross (it's got real lemon bits, ewww), the word bubbla or even bubbler (a water fountain), smallest state, longest official name (State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations), shortest moto (Hope, it's kinda gay), sometimes SOME of us don't pronounce are letter r's, population about 1 million, so not everyone knows everyone, foster gloster, the best state ever, what else am I forgetting? Oh yeah coffee milk, it's good try it sometime. Oh and the Burning of the Gaspee, look it up I'm not explaining it, and whatever else I'm forgetting or don't know.
Funny story: Once my family was visting somewhere (Massachutesettes or NH maybe) and (this was when I was really little, I don't even remember but my family told me, my brother, who was like four at the time, ordered coffee milk at a resturant, a waitress brought him coffee AND milk! She'd never even heard of coffee milk (the Rhode Island state drink) before!
by Nickelodeon Is Shit Nowadays August 15, 2011
A small, shitty, trash area full of arrogant, druggy faggots who are asleep 50% of the time. Drivers on Ghetto Island, oops sorry ''Rhode Island,'' are either too slow or recklessly fast. No one has heard of Rhode Island because of it's shittiness.
Guy 1: Rhode Island? Never heard of it? Do you mean, Long Island?

Guy 2: WTF? No! Rhode Island!

Guy 3: Oh, he means Ghetto Island

Guy 1: Ohhh. That place sucks dick!
by Native New Yorker #1 February 04, 2013
The smallest state in the US, it is also known as Conneticut's foreskin
guy1: Dude Rhode Island is so small

guy 2: ik it looks like conneticut's foreskin
by Cockasmall June 30, 2011
Connecticut's Foreskin. Enough said.
If you look at Connecticut and Rhode Island together, you'll notice that Rhode Island looks like Connecticut's foreskin.
by xxalexawesomexx January 29, 2011
1) Hell

2) A trap.

3) A black hole.
1) Person 1: I'm going to hell.
Person 2: Dude what'd you do to have to go to Rhode Island?

2) Oh no! We're in Providence! It's a trap!

3) Person 1: We're gonna be stuck here for the rest of our lives.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Because we're in Rhode Island...
by Yamlicious October 24, 2010
1.A great state to leave 2.A half baked experiment in politics gone horribly awry 3.A great place to drink & drive ( even if you only have to go around the block, as it beats walking in most towns, there are bars everywhere, and most cops don't care unless you hit something and they actually have to put down their donut and work )4. A textbook example of how to destroy otherwise beautiful & picturesque coastal property 5. A great place to find an amazing variety of food at any hour of the day or night ( if you know where to go ) 6. A great state to leave
Why the hell did I stay in Rhode Island for 40 years, I'm outta here !!
by Fritay February 21, 2007

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