Smallest State in the Union. Rhode Island is home to a unique, diverse population.

We have Providence with the eastside where thayer street rats run rampant on their friend's adderol and ritalin. Providence is also home to School One, while it used to be a cool alternative highschool (no not for retards, for artistic potheads), it is going down the tubes with the introduction of ignorant 14 year old girls who don't believe kwanza exsists because they don't know anyone who celebrates it.

But don't let that get you down, as providence is still home to a great scene if you know the right people. Venture into Olneyville and you will find whats 40s, culture and chronic have created... the providence noise scene. These people are really something, they make the crappiest sounding "music" and totally rock out to it. You can grow to love this, but it is definitely an acquired taste. Don't be mistaken, these aren't asshole "indie" rockers (although they do dress like them), they are just assholes. If you didn't realize they listen to modern rap along with every other kind of music (FOREIGNER!), they might ignore you.

Go down past providence to the southern shore and you have North Kingstown, Jamestown and Newport. North Kingstown is a huge town with a massive population with stereotypes from rednecks, yuppies, latinos, ghetto in the suburb and your basic white stoner. Jamestown is a 9x1 mile island in the middle of Narragansett bay. This is home to yuppies, rich assholes, and the elite of the rhode island stoners. These Jamestowners are pro's at smoking pot, and if you try to sell them kindbud for more than $10 a gram you will get laughed out of town.

Newport is home to equally cool people as jamestown, but it is overrun with tourists, yuppies and richies. This is were Jamestowners sell crappy pot for $20 a gram and get praised for the good deal.

Rhode island's favorite pastime is pot smoking and binge drinking.
Man, august through september sucks, you can never find any good indoor, just bad outties. Rhode island keeps getting busted.

Hey man, could you go on a run for me?
To small to matter at all.
His dick is so Rhode Island you would never get pregnant.
by TRIzzzo April 12, 2006
little tiny state that everyone forgets about
Who the hell knows anything about Rhode Island?
by 0000 October 16, 2003
Rhode Island is the perfect example of wasted United States territory. People forget about Rhode Island because they CHOOSE to, although memories of this shithole are tough to forget. It is the only state that could possibly make partying at colleges depressing. In fact, it is likely that you will drive home shitfaced at 6 in the morning rather then sleeping anywhere in the state. Any person who likes living in this state is likely to be a skinny spoiled rich kid pussy who is to gay to realize how much better any other state is.
The U.S. would be better off if Rhode Island could in fact become an island and detach itself from the rest of this great country.
by RI Superfan September 14, 2005
the crapper, the shit hole, and the asscrack between mass and connecticut. he city shuts down at 8pm, the clubs close at 1:30 on the weekends. a bunch of colleges...theres JWU, Brown, RISD, URI, CCRI, roger williams, salve regina, stupid PC...and bunch of others i know i am forgetting...there's shit to do in this place, also it is overrun by stupid high schoolers that all look and dress the same...
god rhode island sucks...a day in rhode island is a day wasted...
by Simone May 06, 2005

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