Smallest State in the Union. Rhode Island is home to a unique, diverse population.

We have Providence with the eastside where thayer street rats run rampant on their friend's adderol and ritalin. Providence is also home to School One, while it used to be a cool alternative highschool (no not for retards, for artistic potheads), it is going down the tubes with the introduction of ignorant 14 year old girls who don't believe kwanza exsists because they don't know anyone who celebrates it.

But don't let that get you down, as providence is still home to a great scene if you know the right people. Venture into Olneyville and you will find whats 40s, culture and chronic have created... the providence noise scene. These people are really something, they make the crappiest sounding "music" and totally rock out to it. You can grow to love this, but it is definitely an acquired taste. Don't be mistaken, these aren't asshole "indie" rockers (although they do dress like them), they are just assholes. If you didn't realize they listen to modern rap along with every other kind of music (FOREIGNER!), they might ignore you.

Go down past providence to the southern shore and you have North Kingstown, Jamestown and Newport. North Kingstown is a huge town with a massive population with stereotypes from rednecks, yuppies, latinos, ghetto in the suburb and your basic white stoner. Jamestown is a 9x1 mile island in the middle of Narragansett bay. This is home to yuppies, rich assholes, and the elite of the rhode island stoners. These Jamestowners are pro's at smoking pot, and if you try to sell them kindbud for more than $10 a gram you will get laughed out of town.

Newport is home to equally cool people as jamestown, but it is overrun with tourists, yuppies and richies. This is were Jamestowners sell crappy pot for $20 a gram and get praised for the good deal.

Rhode island's favorite pastime is pot smoking and binge drinking.
Man, august through september sucks, you can never find any good indoor, just bad outties. Rhode island keeps getting busted.

Hey man, could you go on a run for me?
The smallest state where everyone knows EVERYONE!
person 1) Ohh yeah i know her, she fucked my ex boyfriend's best friend's uncle.

person 2) I thought it was your bestfriend's friends second cousins baby daddy?

person 1) yeah exactly same shit.... that's Rhode Island for ya
by Mrs. Chleo December 01, 2009
A unit of measurement.
One day my teacher said "Wow that's the size of 3 Rhode Islands!"
by Student of Astronomy April 08, 2008
Rhode Island is a place where the most popular sport is politics because everyone's in it - even the Mafia!
Virtually every member of the Rhode Island General Assembly is a member of the Democratic Party. The only exemption is Governors, which as of late have been all GOP.
by DanCBJMS April 21, 2007
NOT AN ISLAND! located in the New England area, is the smallest state with the longest name (Rhode Island and providence plantations) also it has the 2nd largest population density. A nice place to grow up. Home of Del's Lemonade (where the only good kind is lemon), coffee milk, the word bubbler. Has really nice beaches, most Rhode islanders hate the tourists because they crowd our beaches. Most Rhode Islanders are characterized by being Italian and pronouncing their R's like Ah. however most people only do that when they are angry. Is really cold in winter and really hot in summer. Most popular stores in the area are Abercrombie and Hollister.
Rhode Islander:Yeah Im on vacation from Rhode Island.
Ignorant person: Duhh is that an island?
Rhode you are retarded.
by Megggerr May 23, 2007
The world's yardstick. A Unit by which to measure other land masses.

French guy acting homie: Yo, geographically challenged yankee guy, do you know how big France is?

geographically challenged yankee guy: Nah maaaan, we didn't do no geo-graffy is high-school man!

French guy acting homie: It's about 500 Rhode Islands.
by Patrickdub January 17, 2008
The only place ever where you can say you hate it but keep coming back. Home of the state run by High School kids who only wear abocrombie. The providence place mall is the best place ever and dave and busters is the greatest place ever.Beaches are great if you love beaches and you have to know someone to do anything and if you know someone you can do whatever you want. Oakland Beach is the place and other than hendricken no one cares about your school. Del's water and lemon is the only good flavor. If you dont know what Dunkin Donuts is then you better get out even though most rhode islanders dont know how to spell doughnut. Everyone knows who you are and vice versa. Everyone has a story about every night and you will always remember them. And if your going to eat anywhere please go to federal hill.
Im going 100 on the highway should i slow down

nahh man were in Rhode Island my dad will get us out of it
by MIDNIGHT FROMRI November 18, 2008
The smallest state in the country. Not well known. It is mainly made up of Italian and Portuguese. Home to Johnston(has the highest % of italians in the country).

Capital: Providence
Pop.: Around 1,000,000
Home of the New England Mafia(still very influenced by it).Scituate, Johnston, Cranston, and providence are basically 1960 Italian neighborhoods with modern technology. We have Brooklyn/jersey accents. The rest of the towns have neutral or mass. accents. Creators of the New York system Weiner(different from a hot dog), dels lemonade, coffee milk,clams casino. Hate massholes. We're old school italians not the jersey shore kind. We have some of the best Italian food in the country. None of that fake Irish or Greek "Italian food". There's a bakery and Dunkin' Donuts on every corner. St. Joseph's day and Columbus Day have "feasts" or large celebrations organized by a local church. Everyone goes to them and fights usually break out.
Rhode Island
by Mr.RI March 10, 2014

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