Smallest State in the Union. Rhode Island is home to a unique, diverse population.

We have Providence with the eastside where thayer street rats run rampant on their friend's adderol and ritalin. Providence is also home to School One, while it used to be a cool alternative highschool (no not for retards, for artistic potheads), it is going down the tubes with the introduction of ignorant 14 year old girls who don't believe kwanza exsists because they don't know anyone who celebrates it.

But don't let that get you down, as providence is still home to a great scene if you know the right people. Venture into Olneyville and you will find whats 40s, culture and chronic have created... the providence noise scene. These people are really something, they make the crappiest sounding "music" and totally rock out to it. You can grow to love this, but it is definitely an acquired taste. Don't be mistaken, these aren't asshole "indie" rockers (although they do dress like them), they are just assholes. If you didn't realize they listen to modern rap along with every other kind of music (FOREIGNER!), they might ignore you.

Go down past providence to the southern shore and you have North Kingstown, Jamestown and Newport. North Kingstown is a huge town with a massive population with stereotypes from rednecks, yuppies, latinos, ghetto in the suburb and your basic white stoner. Jamestown is a 9x1 mile island in the middle of Narragansett bay. This is home to yuppies, rich assholes, and the elite of the rhode island stoners. These Jamestowners are pro's at smoking pot, and if you try to sell them kindbud for more than $10 a gram you will get laughed out of town.

Newport is home to equally cool people as jamestown, but it is overrun with tourists, yuppies and richies. This is were Jamestowners sell crappy pot for $20 a gram and get praised for the good deal.

Rhode island's favorite pastime is pot smoking and binge drinking.
Man, august through september sucks, you can never find any good indoor, just bad outties. Rhode island keeps getting busted.

Hey man, could you go on a run for me?
was the first of the orriginal 13 collonies to declare its independence, and the last to sign the declaration of Independence.

is the smallest geographically, but has the longest name: The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.

Has the third (3rd) lowest obiesity rate in the country, and yet the most donut shops per capita.

a state where the "Providence" airport is really 15 miles away in a neighboring town of Warrwick.

official drink is Coffee Milk
Home of the Independent Man and of Del's Lemonade
State Bird: Rhode Island Red

on the reverse of the quarter is a yaght
and the Claiborne Pell (NewPort) Bridge, which streches between the town of Jamestown on the left and Newport on the right
Rhode Island is the biggest little state in the Union
by Keavy January 15, 2006
1. tiny collection of beautiful islands and shorelines

2. bastion of radicalism eager to defect from the capitalist nation-state system and create a free society

3. a swell place
What better place than Rhode Island?
by wild cat November 01, 2003
WORDS THAT COME TO MIND: del's lemonade, walking everywhere, the first original "beach state", delekta's pharmacy (where you can get candy for a penny), "bubbla", St. Mary's Academy-Bay View for girls, Providence, Newport, "Massholes", cutest boys, weridest people, history, waterfire, RISD, "Manhattan at the Bay", getting famous, having fun, being real, being yourself, clubing, "school mixers", and in Rhode Island? It's all about the arts.
"Oh, yeah. Remember the 9th grade mixer?"

"What's a mixer? Is it a drink?"

"You're obviously not from Rhode Island."


"Where's the bubbla?"

"What did you call me?!"

"No, where's the bubbla?"

"The what?!"


by rhodiegurl June 19, 2006
Known as the ocean state, beaches and ice cream in the summer, beautiful snow filled winters. Rhode island might be small but it offers a lot.
I wanna go to the ocean state, Rhode Island.
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
Known for Quahogs, the best seafood, clams bakes, and sailing around the Narragansett bay. Also known for tall ships and wicked awesome beaches (and some which you can find sea glass on)! We like tourists except for Massholes over the years of Mass being jealous of our beautiful landscape and independent nature. If one knows better they will not F*** with a Rhode Islander with our lengthy history of Privateering and doing what ever the F*** we want to do.

Also known for using the F word religously/frequently.

Where the forest meets the ocean-that is Rhode Island...

Excellent Italian dishes as well as seafood where ever you go. I do recommend staying farther south when visiting Rhode Island because the farther North you go, the closer you get to Massholes that screw everything up, and have those ugly license plates. Unless you are on your way to Maine, and in that case you must pass through the Masshole state.

We've got blinkers, and bubblas, and sometimes don't pronounce our R's.

Name Rhode Island came from it either resembling the Isle of Rhodes in the Mediterranean sea, or due to fact that Newport is like a road, long and skinny.
Rhode Islander: I hope you did not pock ya cah fah, because we have a lot of groceries to carry.

Foreigner: Excuse me?
by Carrie Fleetwood September 08, 2007
*Rhode Island is a small state on the East Coast. In fact, it's so small it's the smallest state.
*Has a population of roughly 1 million people.
*Cranston is the home of Del's Lemonade
*RI has the shortest memo and the longest name
-Memo: Hope.
-Official State Name: State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.
*Most people think it's an island. It's not.

People that live in RI generally can't pronounce their R's. Who knows why, but they can't. They also seem to hate tourists. Gold jewellery, Del's, gum, and knowing everyone you see at the local drug store. Those are some things that indicate you are a true Rhode Islander.
Betty and Charlotte live in Rhode Island. At high school, they discuss the "show" over a drink at the bubbla.

Betty: Hey Chahlette let's go to the show tomahruh with Judy and Vinnie.
Charlotte: Not now Betty I'm payin' fooah my Gansett beeya... uh, gettin' a drink frum the bubbla.
by Razzberri July 15, 2006
Rhode Island is a place that allows me to know everyone who lives in it.
I probably know everyone who defined Rhode Island on
by RIgirl May 22, 2007

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