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In gangsta terms, "rhinoz" is usually referred to as money or guap.

Historical Background:

During the 19070 and 1980's, most original gangstas (OG) had to use terms that were not defined in Webster's Dictionary. They primarily focused their efforts on creating a language that could help them effectively communicate with one another during their trials and tribulations.

To this day, many scientists still research & analyze most original gangstas' slang, and conclude that these original gangstas use advanced calculus in their daily lives. They use linear algebraic expressions by applying derivatives in string theory.

For example, an original gangsta counting his shit before school may need to recount his money using his knowledge of advanced calculus. He may say to himself, "How many rhinoz I got?" Word? I got like 5 rhino bones. word. rhino 5. rhinoz, rhinoz, rhinoz...Im a dumb f__
Tyron: Yo g, how many rhinoz u got for da game?

Maurice: I got like a hunnit bones, son.

Tyron: Worrd kid?
Maurice: Word.

Tyron: Word.

Note: hunnit = $100

Note: bones = money = rhinoz
Note: Worrd = really?
Note: Word = yea

Note: u r an idiot.
by zee from jerz May 27, 2010
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