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An awesome song by Soundgarden. Released on their fifth studio album, Down on the Upside.
Standing with my enemies
Hung on my horns
With haste and reverie
Killing with charm
#rhino #dinosaur #soundgarden #rhinosar #rinosaur
by IAmOne December 06, 2008
Directions on becoming a rhinosaur. Step 1, make a fist. Step 2, put the fist on ur nose. Step 3, stick out your pinky. Step 4, yell ROOOOOOAR and bulge your eyes. Preferably while listening to Soundgarden. You only truly become a Rhinosaur after being indited by myself or anyone i deem worthy.
#matthew #matt #rhinosaur #cool #roar
by MattNissen January 29, 2011
A rhino that did a dinosaur.
Person 1:"So class, what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs."

Person 2:"RHINOSAURS!"
Person 1:"Let's have sex!"
Person 2:"And make a RHINOSAUR!"
Person 2:"RARRRRRG!!!
#dinosaurs #rhinos #sex #dipshits #fucktards
by OMGthatsNOTmyPENIS March 24, 2009
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