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an individual so ugly their features strongly resemble that of a rhinosaurous crossbred with a crocodile and a little hint of pig in them
dude av you seen that rhinocopig over there , she's so ugly she's just frightend i little turd out my arse
by nathan270775 September 06, 2007
A genetic combination of some of the ugliest creatures on the planet. A facialy challenged person
That Francesca is a right Rhinocopig
by trojanrabitt October 17, 2006
An unattractive lady that has sex with men that have had too much to drink.
Daniel: Hey dude, you were so pissed last night, you porked a rhinocopig.
Tristan: Yeah I know. She gave me a nasty gash on my back and nob-rot.
Daniel: I feel sorry for you sorry dude hug
by rhinocopig December 13, 2010