rh essentially can mean many things..

In this definition, RH means Race Header, an exhaust manifold and is illegal to use on US Public Highways and Roads because of the elimination of a Catalytic Converter, which causes green house gas emissions to enter the atmosphere and cause Global Warming. ..But who cares? :)
Jeremy has a RH on his 4 cylinder vtak.
by magnEsium January 07, 2007
Top Definition
road head
dude my girl just gave me rh
by Al Fanelli February 07, 2004
Road Head, a guy recieving head while driving. Most likely increases your risk of car accidents.
Guy: "Hey I think you dropped something near my feet"
Guy: "Just kidding. Now gimme RH bitch"
by Polinaa September 30, 2007
RH is shorty for random hoe. It's the slutty bitches at parties that anyone could get with. No need for a name.
Yo you see that RH in the corner. She is asking for the dick in her mouth
by E dub April 16, 2003
acronym for "road head" (usually in a vehicle or someone on the corner, like Roy)
My girlfriend gives me R.H. every time we go on a car ride. Now I have no problem getting up and driving to the grocery store anymore =D.
by PimpMasta C January 01, 2009
Retarded Hag
Ya dumb old RH, go fuck yourself
by Shadow... September 03, 2003
wow, shadow is a faggat^
im shadow and im gay
by aaa September 11, 2003
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