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Waking up next to one person and going to bed with another in the same day.
I totally pulled a revolving door with Janet and Summer last week.
by thescubageek March 05, 2010
9 10
When your internet connection is intermittent, your instant messenger app logs in and logs out repetitiously.
I hate it when my Yahoo Messenger does the revolving door!
by BlueLion January 26, 2009
236 39
when someone or something leaves a place or position, only to end up back there shortly after
Don't let him use the revolving door trick.
by The Return of Light Joker December 19, 2009
10 7
The act of eating food while you are taking a shit.
I was so hungry that I just couldn't wait. I had to get the revolving door going.
by Captain Carismo August 12, 2009
11 14
A very loose woman who goes through an obscene number of sexual partners.
Neil: "How was the supermarket last night?"
Bob: "Well I took a number at the counter and there were like 5 people in front of me, so I had to wait a half hour or so. But it was worth the wait since I had a 'buy one get one free' coupon."
Neil: "I hate those deli lines."
Bob: "What deli? I'm talking about your sister. She was lining 'em up in the store bathroom last night as usual. Chucking my junk in that was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway."
Neil: "Damn that skank is such a revolving door."
Bob: "Word to your mother."
by Nick D September 29, 2005
46 155
Any company that has a high turnover rate, meaning employees are quitting almost as fast as others are hired.
Damn, this place is becoming a revolving door. We've gone through four guys in that position this quarter. . .
by Rurounin January 10, 2004
20 149
1: A death trap for people with skis.

2: Something not to let little children play in.

3: Something zombies hate, due to the reason that, while one pushes on the right side, another pushes on the left.
1: "Mommy! Look at me!"
"Tommy, no!"

2: "Billy got stuck in the revolving door."

3: "Urrhh!" - zombie 1
"Raaghhh!" - zombie 2
by Orphans January 11, 2005
14 148