drastic change in the world of today
This generation is bringing a revolution into motion.
by amessenger January 21, 2008
one of the best beatles songs. ever. covered by the greatest rock band ever formed, Rishikesh.
"You say you want a revolution well you know we all wanna change the world"
by Rick May 28, 2005
Nintendo's successor to their GameCube system. Sports a humungous backlog of downloadble games from the NES to the N64, and is GC backwards compatible.
Isn't it great that Chrono Trigger might be playable on the Revolution?
by Deguello June 05, 2005
Something the United States needs to have.
It is up to us to fix this system and stand up for our freedom, everyday our rights are being trampled on. Revolution is the key to preserving our natural rights.
by bunnywith August 07, 2008
The process of replacing a tyrant with a different tyrant
"The revolution is now complete!" said Napoleon. "Meet the new boss!"

"Same as the old boss," said a French peasant under his breath.
by Bobbobbobbobbobbobbobbobbob May 27, 2013
The inevitable outcome of the oppression of the worlds poor buy the rich few.
"I this age of knowledge
we learn all we can learn
the revolutions coming
the old order will burn"
(J. Wisbey from 'Songs For The New Nations'1995)
by black flag May 29, 2004
A violent change in the dominant government of a country. Also a national sport in South America.
Castro came to power through a revolution.
by Small dog named karl April 25, 2003
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