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Bitch, slut, e-whore, thinks she is the best on the internet, in truth is a bitch no one likes, extremely obnoxious, acts tough on the internet, just plain nasty to think about.
Revolive is such an annoying brat, she thinks putting her name on urban dictionary is cool.
by Jesus lulz October 17, 2010
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An attention seeking man acting as a girl on the internet.
Guy1: Dude, i just made so much money pretending I'm a girl on the internet!
Guy2: Dude.. you're such a revolive
by Random- October 22, 2010
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A tranny attention whore that enjoys talking about himself, scamming people and wasting precious pixels.
They are known for posting about 5-7 pictures and 2-3 of them aren't even the same person.
The only way to defeat a Revolive is to send them a virus and accidently their whole computer. You can also ask them how large their penis is, but it only causes them to post more pictures.
A Revolive is very deadly and if they aren't destroyed before they become too powerful they will ruin fucking everything.
Revolive - im not the only one that thinks im awesome

Hok - Nice, you submitted your username to urban dictionary, and wrote up a definition. That's like making a wikipedia article on yourself. Cool stuff.

Bumblebee - everyone thumbs down it :)

Skilr_Pwnz0r - who wants to make this bitch an ed article?
by Black Duce October 17, 2010
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Revolive is a word for a fail troll. These things pretend to be females to lure in people for their money and/or social time as they are lonely in their own lives.
Sponsor: Hey look its a revolive
SomeoneElse: oshi..
by Sponsor October 18, 2010
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