Too masterbate, wank, jack off.

Started from a lonely boy who was revising history, and had a sudden turn on and "Revised".

Example 1

Did you revise last night?

Yeh, and it felt good!

Example 2

Did you do some revision before the exams?

Yeh, obviously!

by smuggins September 11, 2007
a synonym meaning that you will spend the next few hours facebook stalking. can also mean that you will be on facebook chat, or commenting aimlessly on peoples facebook status's, photos and taking quiz's that tell you you will get an a* anyway.
student one: hows revision going?
student two: facebook.
by Kushkathecat May 27, 2009
Homework that accualy counts towards something.
Dude! i did some revision and i upped my grades from E's to B's

Good for you! i have to do a report that dosent get graded for anything...
by sergio juan sheet rodriguez November 12, 2010
A code word to use for masturbating, more generally acceptable to use in public
I do a lot more revision the closer it gets to tests... it helps the stress
by RiHi August 23, 2014
a phrase used to cover up that you are really wanking (and get them to leave you alone while you do it)
you: im going to go do some revision now

parent: oh good i wont bother you
by Thelgend101 June 14, 2013
going to malta on holiday to work on your "revision".. ie, tan in the sunshine
A: did you do any revision this holiday at all?

B: yeah totally, check out my tan lines!
by catbabyyyy April 26, 2011
The present's way of making the past seem better.
Revision = Ghenghis Khan holding a puppy.
by Spyder Mayhem August 15, 2005
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