1. an act of racism by a minority, towards a majority.
2. an act of racism on a race which was previously suppressed by that race, or was a target of racism by the race in the past.
Blacks hating whites for suppressing them in the past is reverse racism.
by Shulelee March 16, 2006
"Reverse Racism" is a term used to describe the act of racism from a minority group towards a majority group. It is a "politically correct" term used to make minorities feel better about themselves and to allow them to be racist without the connotations that come with being racist.
Jethro: "That nigger called me a "cracker" and said my skin is so white it caused his illegitimate mother to go blind. Damn racist nigger, that's what he is."

Charles: "Jethro, you are so uneducated. That poor African-American man has been stepped upon by us white folk for hundreds of years. He deserves the right to be racist to you because his great-great-great-grandfather may have been a slave and because he has been humiliated all his life because he has been living on the tax dollars of other people and has never had to work a day in his life. Jethro when an African-American appears to be racist it is called "reverse racism"."

Jethro: "That's some bull shit, that is some retarded, liberal bull shit. Niggers be racist just like whites be racist. Don't need to sugar coat the truth."
by Im A Ge Ne November 05, 2010
whether it should or should not be a term, reverse racim is: when black people (or any other group of people that would normally experience racism) are racist twords white people (or any other group of people who would normally be the racists)
I, as a black man, hate those white people. I sure do feel like a reverse racist.
by Nathaniel Bowditch May 01, 2005
reverse racism is when one feels they are being discriminated racially because they are white anglo saxon.

usually indicates they are unhappy with coloured people getting promotions or moving up the corporate ladder.
Linda - i didnt get the promotion because of reverse racism. There is more Aborigines at my work then Pommys or whiteys.

Troy - i wasnt allowed a benefit cause the wanted to favour the local African community. Its reverse racism!
by italauss January 26, 2014
Racism against groups that have higher average levels of intelligence then the group they are being discriminated against by. Is worse than normal racism because capable people (a limited resource) are being misused, and because people with lower IQ's have a harder time learning why and how to be objective... a task which is hard enough to begin with.
A 105 IQ Indian science professor frequently straw mans arguments (that he doesn't understand) of high IQ Caucasian students in his class or calls them lazy (Because they ace exams with less study time) and tries to punish their learning methods instead of lack of functional knowledge. This is reverse racism. A university has a quota system requiring them to admit blacks over whites with higher grades and IQ scores. etc
by Bucketmunch October 20, 2010
Using racist language either while driving a vehicle in reverse, whilst walking backwards or spelling racist words the wrong way round.
Judge Chris Rock: You have been found guilty of using racism whilst in reverse gear of a Pick-Up truck, this reverse racism will not and shall not be tolerated, how do you plead, cracker?
by TomP1980 March 07, 2008
When people of a minority make decisions because they don't want to people to be racist toward them.
An Aboriginal school program not following cultural protocol because they are worried about "reverse racism", being judged as having money.
by Helper44 November 04, 2010
Reverse racism: giving favoritism to an individual or group within a subset of people on the basis of their belonging to that subset of people.
These actions are examples of reverse racism:

Giving extra hours to workers on the basis of their national origin.

"Pedro gets to work overtime because he's Mexican and Mexicans work."

Hiring workers on the basis of their gender.

Employer: "Congratulations Bimby, you got the job!"
Cindy: "Thank you so much! But, my name is 'Cindy' not 'Bimby' silly!"

Loving someone because they are from a country you like.

Infatuated woman: "You French people are so sexy! I love you Pierre!"
Claude: "My name isn't Pierre... "
by arbitraryusername December 24, 2009

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