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When a friend of yours thinks a great idea to get married, though months into it realizes it is absolutely horrendous and awful, but he can't get out of it because there is a child on the way.
Person 1: Hey, can you believe what happened to Kent? Just a shame...

Person 2: Who gives a crap. He had his chance to get out of this reverse shotgun wedding, but he's screwed now...forever...
by Whitehall Dr February 27, 2010
A rushed marriage that crumbles to pieces after a couple of months. Derived from a "shotgun wedding" where the bride and groom are forced to marry due to an expectant child. In a reverse shotgun wedding, the couple is rushed amongst themselves and the whole thing blows up in their face.
Person 1: Did you hear about Kent's marriage? What a disaster!

Person 2: Well what do you expect? Everyone knew it was a reverse shotgun wedding.
by W-JohnSt February 12, 2010
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