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re⋅vel⋅as ruh-vel-uhs
A markedly perverse individual, given to bouts of masochistic autoeroticism. In the days of antiquity, the title revelas was ascribed to one who's behavior directly contrasted the virtuous constitution of a velentzas. The historian Herodotus tells of two brothers, one Velentzas and one Revelas; Velentzas valiantly climbed the rungs of illustriousness while Revelas drifted into the dark world of self-flagellating onanism.
In a heroic attempt to gentrify the now generic term's definition, Herodotus attached the stipulation that revelases are "characteristically un-classy bastards."

-revelas, -revelas⋅ing
To mangle or deteriorate one's sexual organs during masturbation.
Dimitri wore a frown so characteristic of the self-repugnance that follows a session of revelasing, that one could easily of guessed that he was a revelas.
by Apostolidis Xatzimichaveltzas February 13, 2009

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