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An idiot. Completely void of a personality. Has to make one up to get people to 'like' him. Tells a lot of lies. Lives in a fantasy world where women actually look at him and he doesn't resemble an ass.
<revamp`smoke> and i make good money selling my ass to dirty old fag men
<revamp`smoke> they call mee
<revamp`smoke> revamp`rentboy!

<revamp`ed> that slot is already filled
<revamp`ed> with my buddy jana
<revamp`ed> she's a honey
<revamp`ed> kmfdm radio is back up!
<revamp`ed> she's fucking hot
<revamp`ed> i can't believe i pulled her
<revamp`ed> i thought i'd totally lost all my ability to seduce
<revamp`ed> she's mah girlie
<revamp`ed> she works on glenferrie road
<revamp`ed> hospitality
<revamp`ed> at a place called sohklata
<distortion> you're such a lying arsebandit revamp`ed
by Megatokyo February 08, 2005

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