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The act of sticking your finger up someone's butthole so that their pants and underwear go up the inside.
The reunion hurt my insides.
by Scout Hawkins December 29, 2010
a collection of "intellects" gathering over forgotten aspirations that have been transpired by bleak realities...
"Hey Dickson - are you going to the class reunion?!?"

"No - I don't think I can handle the degree at which these facetless lemmings take themselves seriously...
by stillcrazy May 21, 2009
a show that was on Fox but then was cancelled in the middle of the season.
Each episode was a different year. As each year goes on they try to figure out which of the 6 friends killed one of the others. Each episode has a reunion of the kids.
by KCoops June 11, 2006
A dirty, dirty word that strikes anguish into the hearts of all event planners that involves mental and physical pain and shear brut will to survive.
I cant belive Sally made it through reunion and back with only a minor facial tic.
by Sally Shoemaker May 20, 2010