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1. verb. To take a debunked or discredited former truth, or a truth that was found to be inaccurate, and then retool it using new information, delivering it as the new truth, doing so as though the old truth never existed.

2. verb. A 'truth' that was remodelled to suit current circumstances.

3. noun. Substantive form of the verb.
1. George Bush retruthed the importance invading Iraq, when he shifted from WMDs to harboring terrorists. This retruth was the premise of the American invasion of Iraq.

2. Since the advent of fuel injection and the discovery of new oil deposits around the world, doomsdayers and environmentalists have had to retruth the urgency to wean ourselves off of oil dependency.

3. Al Gore has made a retruth of the data about global warming, in light of the fact that the earth was actually cooling during the 1950s.
by lepenseur73 September 07, 2010
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