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Who says it has to be the opposite of metrosexual? A retrosexual is (in the female case) that woman who eschews the sexual-revolution plank of feminism in favor of more-traditional values. Perhaps even 1950s values (this is not to say she goes as far as the cone-bra). A little burlesque, a little Betty Crocker, the retrosexual woman has new-fangled spunk and old-fashioned values: she does for abstinence and monogamy what Slang Flashcards do for Dover illustrations. She may be, well, Sexless in the City, but only 'cause she chooses to be.
At my cocktail hour the other evening, we were discussing just how "retro" I am — that I have at some times sought to attract men by baking them cookies or knitting them slippers. "You're so RETRO!" someone cried. "Oh no," I replied. "I'm retrosexual."
by Anna Broadway October 25, 2004
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can be either male or female. A person who chooses to live a retro lifestyle. Someone who lives life with their mindset in the 80s or 90s time period. Wears retro fashion in a modern way, listens to electronica and has a passion for old video games and listens to music which can relate to the sounds of those of the 80s or 90s. Someone who lives the present in a yearning for the immediate past.
'Gwen Stefani has a unique retrosexual 90s based style'
by J.Ruiz July 23, 2008
17 34
Person who has a strong attraction to people from the past.
Katie is a retrosexual because she wants to have sex with James Dean
by DJ Fluff and Stuff April 26, 2010
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The definition:
Retrosexual is the opposite word for metrosexual, so it shouldn't apply to women. It refers to the original meaning of the male role, although it's philosophy should be analyzed and embraced by everyone, including women.
The phylosophy:
The appearance of a person is irrelevant, because if we analyze ourselves and everyone else, our physical body is made of skin, blood and bones. If we look at a room full of people through x-ray, we only see a room full of skulls and bones - it means, we are all the same and the physical difference between normally developed people is insignificant. Analyze this deeply and you will agree that the appearance shouldn't be as important as it is to the metrosexuals. I admit being in favour of the retrosexuals in it's understandings about people's appearance.
If David Beckham would've born with a face of another, even a greater football player i.e. Ryan Giggs (I think he's retrosexual, but not an ugly person at all), would he be as popular and well tolerated and admired person?! No, but he's deeper conscious inside the body, would've been the same as it is now. This is why tolerating/not tolerating people based on their looks is foolish and absurd.
The greatest victim of the metrosexual views and narcissism is Michael Jackson. Think about the global danger of these views! Awful. It shouldn't be encouraged in any way. (Sry, if my English isn't correct!)
by Kapa January 30, 2006
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a male who chooses to dress like he belongs in the '70s and is interested in retro-esque things such as old video games and classic rock.
yo that guy is such a retrosexual, he be wearing bell bottoms
by chrissssssss April 20, 2006
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A person who doesn't dress,talk or act gay, but has gay, retro 50's qualities.
On Friends, isn't Matthew Perry so... well, retrosexual?
by Andrew Cotter September 24, 2007
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A retrosexual is someone who used to be sexy. Someone who WAS considered sexy in the past, but is presently considered undesirable and unappealing by the general public. An individual may be labeled a retrosexual as a result of many different factors. Rapid aging, botched plastic surgery, or an inability to update his/her style with the current times are some factors that lead someone to be branded a retrosexual. One of the most salient features of the retrosexual, is that they were 'hot' or at their peak of desirability in a given era. They exemplify the style of the time period in which they were deemed sexy, but today they only appear as a sad timecapsule of a bygone era.
Particular examples of retrosexuals are as follows: Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Burt Reynolds, Farrah Fawcett, Willie Ames, Leif Garret, Jared Leto, Axel Rose, Corey Feldman, Corey Haim, and more recently, Brittney Spears.

A usage example: "Professor Jones would have been hot when he was younger. His peak must have been in the early 90s because he's still wearing cosby sweaters, checkered blazers, and an earring... what a retrosexual!"
by Liz Gomes and Brian Mckenzie April 21, 2007
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Someone who has many stories or references to past sexual encounters, but nobody can remember anything in recent times.
"David is such a retrosexual"
"How so"
"He's telling his high school sex stories again, even though he's been dwelling on them for years. Why doesn't he at least tell us something new"
"Well, they're all he's got"
by BWhatley February 22, 2009
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