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Noun; This word is used to describe a style that combines both past "retro" and modern "metro" component to create an eclectic look of dress.
Your vintage sunglasses give you a stylish retro metro look.
by attic eyewear January 20, 2010
The resurgence of popularity in old-school men's grooming products, like straight-razors and shaving brushes and soap, dress attire, and cocktails. Made popular by shows like Mad Men. Differs from "metro" in that it is a more gentlemanly way for a guy to spend time maintaining his appearance. It emphasizes the notion of the "classic gentlemen".
"Hey Joe, did you just get a haircut?"

"Yeah man, I went to the barber shop for a cut and straight razor shave. I'm going retro metro."

Girl 1: "See that guy wearing the three piece suit and drinking a vodka gimlet?"
Girl 2: "The one with the fedora?"
Girl 1: "Yeah, he's hot - totally retro metro."
by themanlygentlemen June 21, 2012
An urban slickster who is metrosexual by a grooming appearance standard, yet dresses in a toned down, vintage style.
Kyle always sported that retro-metro look that made you think he didn't try, but the ladies certainly didn't think so.
by Gianni Stecchino July 21, 2005