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short form of "rethuglican"
Thank God the Democrats kicked the Rethugs out of Congress in 2006.
by MsDeirdre November 23, 2006
Low-life criminal element of the republican party;
See republican/repugliCON. 'On-the-take', liars,
cheats, thieves, hypocrites, sneaky, assholes,
scoundrals, self-serving, self-righteous, scumbag,
indicted, in-office, criminal, disreputable,
unethical, unscrupulous, shyster
"His complaint:
That Democrats, on the verge of taking control of Congress,
were planning to run the place their way, driving the legislative agenda themselves without input from the Rethug minority.

Wasn’t that, someone asked, how the Rethugs
had run Congress for more than a decade?"
by Livid_Patriot January 18, 2007