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Reteard • \re-Tear-da\ • noun

1 : A retard that is so retarded it brings a tear(s) to your eye.

2 a: A man or woman that is above and beyond the average retard

2 b: a man or woman who does or says things that even a normal retard wouldn't do or say

Reteared •\re-TEAR-ded\ • adjective

1: Used to describe someone's actions when simply calling them a retard doesn't quite sum it up; fairly atleast.

2: Used to describe someone's actions when they are worst than that of a normal or average retard; leading to tear(s) of embarrassment. You are likely embarrassed for them.
"Wow, that chick is a reteard. She just walked into a parked 18 wheeler. "

"That was the most retearded thing i have ever seen. Did she really just back up to the drive thru window to get ketchup and refill her drink?"

Guy 1 - "that guys is retearded"
Guy 2 - "Yah bro, he's wasted. I saw him take a piss right on the dance floor not even ten seconds ago"
by top cheddar November 29, 2009

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