when you just made a tart, then you make another tart, you retarted.
Lil' Jeffy-"momma, you made 2 tarts, so right now, YOU RETARTED!"
by Nastina September 01, 2005
The incorrect spelling of the word 'retarded'.

It is a well known fact that people that say retarded, are in-fact, a retard themselves.
Dude, that is so retarted!
by Dave Retardingsworth July 10, 2008
The wrong spelling of the word Retard. Ironically, calling someone a retard and misspelling the word, actually makes the accuser a retard. Retarted is not a word, Retard is. Don't make yourself look retarded, by misspelling the word retard.

Commonly used by dumb ass YouTube commenter's, and dumb whores on facebook.
Jon: Tim, you're so retarted.
Tim:Well Jon, I'm not the retard who misspelled the word retarded.

Jon:.... well played.
by RolphSemensDickOvensUWIDI June 07, 2010
The wrong way to spell "retarded."
Guy 1: Don't worry, I'm not retarted!

Guy 2: *facepalm*
by Luau99 December 27, 2010
adj. similar to internet forum discussions about recordings of live Led Zeppelin concerts that get out of hand with silly arguments over the quality & merits (or lack thereof) of the recordings, while failing to recognize that the band is horribly overrated to begin with, let alone it's not worth getting all worked up over a 35-year old recording that may include someone blowing a police whistle.
"this thread is retarted"
by a.nony.mousse January 27, 2010
1.prone to replacing the letter "d" with the letter "t" 2. really cool. 3. in the process of doing webassign for AP physics.
I hate this WebAssign. I don't know why I need to know this! Actually, it's quite retarted.
by shnookumssss September 07, 2010
When something is so messed up and backward that to describe it as retarded isn't enough. You have to retard the word retard to express how retarded it is.
George Bush can't say nuclear.
Wasn't he the President?
I know, he's retarted.
by cerberuskillz January 29, 2011
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