Definition: Gordon Brown. Gordon Brown is the worlds biggest retard for making Britain a living hell and absolutly pissing us all off.
Daniel: "Who the fuck is Gordon Brown?"
David: "the world biggest retard, he is so motherfucking retarded!"
#gordon #brown #retarded #retard #gay #pisshead #shit #motherfucker
by lossieloon2 February 05, 2009
the definition for "retarded" is:
the movie When A Stranger Calls.
yeah that movie is retarded.
#retarded #botarded #tritarded #challenged #severelychallenged #dotarded.
by RedMunchkinSam August 12, 2006
Drunk to point of not being able to talk coherently.
I couldn't talk to this girl because I was retarded last night.
by Devon Knoll October 17, 2003
See "Stupid".
Then get round house kicked.
Wow, you must really be retarded if you look up retarded in the Urban Dictionary.
#stupid #dumb #retard #gun #bomb
by Samuel Crushington, Ph.D. January 12, 2011
1. 4/5 of the dumbasses creating "definitions" of this word.

2. slang word for "silly, funny, stupid, etc"

3. an term disliked by politically correct people, such as your parents maybe.

4. people with lack of common sense, imagination, sense of humor, or whatever that pisses you off about them when socializing with others.

5. anyone who has read definitions 1 through 4 and "still doesn't\don't get it."
I no hi ain't collin' mi returded, ryght?

Kim laughed, "i swear, ya'll be actin' retarded sometimes!"

Boy: "hey mommy look, it's that retarded kid again!"
mom: "honey, don't call him that. say he's "mentally challenged" okay?"

"I hate that guy, eh. he's fucking retarded, eh!"

"i'm sorry, you're just too retarded for me to help you any further."
#stupid #dumbass #iddy #moron #dumbfuck
by Lord Jimarou February 09, 2009
When you're put in special classes because you cant perform to your full potential. Low IQ. Low learning abilities. Disabilties. Failures in school. Also a name for a dumb person.
I was in special ed. Some kids call me retarded but I just have a low IQ.
#slow #dumb #behind #special #dim #stupid #iq #disability #kid
by Michael Rehmeyer November 26, 2007
Being fucked on Ketamine, but not so fucked that you're in a k hole. Basically, you feel like a floating head, as you can't feel your body, and get confused by everything such as cups and chairs. You start to walk and dance in a very bizarre way, and everyone around thinks you're an escaped mental patient.
I got well retarded last night! It was well funny!
#ketamine #special k #ket #drugs #monged
by mr retard August 21, 2007
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